Call for Papers: Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation

May 17, 2006
The Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, an international scientific peer-reviewed journal intended for the publication of research and review manuscripts, is seeking original manuscripts for publication.
Call for Papers
The Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation is an international scientific peer-reviewed journal intended for the publication of research and review manuscripts. Its content will emphasize new and innovative methods and techniques used by pharmaceutical professionals serving all aspects of the industry including manufacturing, applied pharmaceutical science and technology in process and product understanding and control.

The Editors seek original manuscripts for publication, in any of the following categories:

Perspectives are opinion articles on controversial topics or recent developments in the industry, strategic industry issues, new areas of research, profiles of new research organizations or industry trends.

Case Studies provide a critical analysis of the implementation of a new method or technology.

Research Letters are short papers reporting results that are of genuine broad interest, but that do not make a sufficiently complete story to justify publication as a full research article.

Research Articles describe, in detail, new and innovative methods and techniques, with conclusions that are supported by adequate evidence. Scientific rigour and reproducible results are required.

Reviews may address both the recent scientific advances in drug development, pharmaceutical engineering, and manufacturing, as well as the management, commercial and regulatory issues that increasingly play a part in how R&D is planned and performed.

For further information on contributing, please contact: mailto:[email protected].

The Editorial Team would particularly welcome your feedback on their plans for the journal. To complete a brief, 10 question web survey, please visit . Your comments will enable us to ensure that the Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation serves the information needs of its community in the most effective way possible. All respondents to the survey will receive a free copy of issue 1.

Task Team for the Pilot Issue of the Journal:

  • Dr. James K. Drennen III (Editor), Associate Professor, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Bruce S. Davis, Global Capital Director, AstraZeneca, Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK
  • Dr. Charles P. Hoiberg, Exec. Dir., Reg. CMC & QA, Pfizer, Rockville, MD
  • Gert Molegaard, Vice President, NNE, Soeborg, Denmark
  • Andre L. Walker, Director, Mfg. Engineering, Biogenldec Inc., Cambridge, MA
  • Ali M. Afnan, Process Analytical Technologist, FDA/CDER, Silver Spring, MD
  • Dr. Emanuel J. Dilberto, Jr., Chairman, Dept. of Pharma Sciences, Campbell Univ. School of Pharmacy, Buies Creek, NC
  • Mary Ellen Craft, Project Director, Fluor, Greenville, SC
  • Gordon John Farquharson, Principle Consultant, Bovis Lend Lease Technology, Elstead, Surrey, UK
  • Michael T. Ku, Sr. Dir., Clinical Pharma Res Svcs., Genzyme Corp., Framingham, MA
  • Dr. G.V. Rex Reklaitis, Edward G. Comings Professor, Chemical Engineering, Purdue University
    West Lafayette, IN

Articles already scheduled to appear in the first issue of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation:

  • Rex Reklaitis -- The use of informatics to support drug product development
  • Jean-Marie Geoffroy -- Process parameters
  • Ingrid Maes -- Perspective: Looking wider - the need for a broader perspective if PAT implementation is to be successful on the pharmaceutical sector
  • Arwa Elhagrasy -- Raman spectroscopy for the determination of coating uniformity on pharmaceutical tablets
  • Michael Jay -- Suspensions of fluor-containing nanoparticles for quantifying emitting radionuclides in non-hazardous media
  • Robin Bogner -- Design space for a solventless photocurable pharmaceutical coating
  • Rob Lodder -- NIR spectrometry for the characterization of fuel components in a novel tamper-resistant pill bottle

The journal is to be published in a cooperative effort between ISPE and Reed Elsevier, with the encouragement of the US Food and Drug Administration.

For further information on contributing, please contact: [email protected].