CiDRA and Siemens enter agreement to apply SONARtrac to process monitoring systems

March 2, 2005


iDRA Corporation has announced the execution of a letter of intent with Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S) to leverage the respective strengths of the companies to construct a commercial partnership for industrial process monitoring and control. This relationship will focus on applying CiDRA's line of SONARtrac process monitoring solutions to market applications where Siemens has a strong market presence.

"CiDRA is building a global distribution strategy which will include best-in-class process automation and instrumentation companies," said Kevin Didden, President and CEO of CiDRA. "Siemens is a leading company in process automation for a broad array of industries. The intent of both companies is to provide value to our customers by integrating two powerful tools -- Siemens market presence in the industrial process control industry and CiDRA's demonstrated ability to measure difficult to measure multi-phase flows in order to minimize industrial process variability."

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