Emerson and GE Healthcare collaborate to provide integrated purification systems for biotech industry

Nov. 4, 2004
Emerson Process Management and GE Healthcare have announced a global sales and marketing collaboration agreement to provide solutions for protein purification in the manufacturing of biotech medicines. Protein purification is the final step of biotech medicine manufacturing, where chromatography and filtering act to purify the final medicine product. GE Healthcare and Emerson technologies that manage purification are installed as part of a bioreactor control system. The new alliance will allow for the integration of Emerson's digital process automation system and GE Healthcare's chromatography and filtration control system software to deliver control across the biotech process, meeting the needs of both engineers and biochemists in pilot plants, laboratories, and large-scale manufacturing facilities.The control system software from GE Healthcare provides real-time control of the protein purification unit operation (chromatography, filtration or other liquid handling systems). It also offers method development facilitation, method upscale/downscale, and evaluation of purification results.The digital process automation system from Emerson is a core technology of digital plant architecture that uses networked digital intelligence for automation to deliver fast time to market and large-scale biotechnology manufacturing. The digital plant architecture is used in worldwide biotechnology plants, including those with the critical protein purification processes.