Acromag's Optocoupler and Interposing Relay Interface Modules

May 16, 2013
New 6-Channel Optocoupler and Interposing Relay Modules Monitor/Control High-Voltage Field Devices

Acromag's BusWorks XT Series multi-channel optocoupler and interposing relay modules connect discrete field devices to measurement & control system I/O modules. The XTA-120V-6 optocoupler modules have six individually isolated 120V ac/dc digital (discrete) inputs to sense on/off levels and provide 5-32V dc logic outputs to a fieldbus input module or a controller. The XTA-MRNO-6 interposing relay module receives 4-32V dc logic-level signals from an output module or controller to switch six mechanical relay outputs. These two high-voltage relay interface modules offer a high-density, cost-effective solution to safely monitor or control inductive and other high-power loads (motors, valves, solenoids, etc.) with control system input/output modules that only support low- level dcsignals.

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