Festo's Nano Force Gripper

July 24, 2012
Festo unveils new Nano Force Grippers that are modeled after geckos and birds.
Festo introduces new Nano Force Gripper's that are modeled after geckos and birds. Gripping, holding, and setting down object are vital production processes that are performed using automation technology. Conventional gripper solutions are not always very energy-efficient when it comes to their gripping force to weight ratio.   By using examples from nature Festo's new Nano Force Grippers are designed to be more energy efficient by exploiting existing potential in production processes. The Nano Force Gripper can grip especially delicate objects with smooth surface such as glasses or displays using very little energy. The new technology complements the existing pneumatic gripping technology and can be used as needed and as appropriate to the application.For full details click here.