Experion R400 simplifies management of open systems

June 14, 2010
Experion R400 Protects Manufacturers from the high cost of evolving technology; includes new turbine-control capabilities for power generators.

Honeywell has added several major enhancements to its flagship Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) to help process manufacturers more easily and cost-effectively manage their automation and control systems in the face of constantly evolving technology. Experion R400 includes advancements that lower the cost of open-system ownership, thanks to features such as an extended support life, flexible direct on-process migration paths, virtualization and easier installation and migration.

In addition to these management features, Experion now also offers an integrated turbine control system that allows power generators to improve their plant performance through tighter integration between boilers and turbines. This gives plants better control of their turbines, allowing them to produce energy more efficiently by maximizing demand swings while reducing fuel consumption and production costs.

Additionally, Experion R400 extends the availability of operating systems and key infrastructure components to help prevent them from becoming outdated or obsolete. Plants with older versions of Experion can now upgrade to Experion R400 more easily with extended on-process migration and automatic-install features.

The system also features a new Profibus Gateway that provides redundancy, further improving the reliability of critical process control applications such as intelligent motor control centers and remote critical equipment monitoring.