DeltaV Operate with wireless streaming video

Feb. 17, 2010
Emerson Process Management has further developed Smart Wireless solutions by integrating video streams from Industrial Video & Control Co.'s (IVC) Relay Server with the DeltaV digital automation system. For process manufacturers, the benefits of having a live video feed embedded within the DeltaV Operate display include:* Safety: Allows operators to remotely monitor hazardous areas and enables an additional "all-clear" visual before the execution of a process start-up, shutdown or turnaround.* Security: Additional eyes on the process area, remote plant areas or site perimeter.* Productivity: Live visual of the process being controlled alongside the process measurements.* Emissions monitoring With video monitoring for plant emissions, exact start and stop times for excursions can be identified so reporting to regulatory agencies is more accurate.The operator will now be able to view multiple video feeds within the context of the Operate screen, and with onscreen buttons switch cameras or manipulate the PTZ camera's view. IVC's View Station software can also be used to provide operators many additional features including video system automation, alarm management, and live and stored video viewing and control.