Opto 22's SNAP-PAC-S1

April 17, 2009
For Applications With High I/O Point Counts or Complex Ethernet Network Architectures
SNAP-PAC-S1 is a standalone controller suitable for distributed control systems and applications with high I/O point counts or complex Ethernet network architectures. The SNAP-PAC-S1 features a 32-bit multitasking processor with floating point unit, 32 MB of RAM, 16 MB of flash memory, and 8 MB of battery-backed RAM. It offers two independent, auto-negotiating 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces which can be configured to create dual Ethernet networks for segmenting I/O and host traffic, or to create redundant Ethernet link segments for critical applications. Also included are one RS-485 port for I/O communications or other RS-485 devices, and two RS-232 ports, one of which offers full handshaking control.