DeltaV DCS adds Profinet and APL

Jan. 22, 2024

DeltaV, Version 15, Feature Pack 1 features PK Controller functionality for advanced physical layer (APL) and consumption-based deployments. For example, DeltaV PK Controllers include built-in, native integration of Profinet protocol, which let it integrate APL devices, accelerating adoption of high-speed devices in process environments.

Meanwhile, DeltaV PK Flex Controller adds flexible, software-defined control capacity that can scale and adjust requirements change. Delivered as a subscription, DeltaV PK Flex reduces upfront cost, eliminates complexity associated with control engineering tasks and lets users easily adjust control capacity throughout the lifecycle of a facility.

Likewise, the newest version of DeltaV advanced control applications—Neural, Predict, and Predict Pro—are now available in one-, three-, or five-year, term-based licenses to improve flexibility and reduce upfront costs.