Integrated edge software expands beyond DCS automation

Feb. 19, 2024

DeltaV Edge Environment integrated software expands on the DeltaV automation platform’s capabilities to provide an operational technology (OT) sandbox for data manipulation, analysis and organization. Users can deploy and execute applications to run key artificial intelligence (AI) engines and analytics close to data source with seamless, secure connectivity to contextualized OT data across cloud-computing services and enterprises. DeltaV Edge Environment gives users a secure data superhighway, where users can seamlessly socialize contextualized data directly with cloud and enterprise applications, while also leveraging a built-in execution sandbox—a testing environment for critical innovation tasks such as generating dashboards, running applications and training AI tools. This software also has one encrypted, outbound-only flow of data, which helps authorized users ensure they have constant access to near real-time data without the risk of users accessing the control system.