15 new controllers that add digital bells and whistles

March 18, 2022
PLCs, PACs and PCs rope in communications, IIoT, IEC 61131, safety ratings, I/O and function modules
Edge for IIoT applications

PACSystems Edge solutions are licensed and optimized combinations of RXi edge computers, controllers, HMI, IIoT analytics and supervisory software. This portfolio simplifies selection and deployment, and reduces time spent integrating, developing and validating digital transformation projects. PACSystems Edge Solutions leverage Movicon, NExT, WebHMI, Connext OPC UA server and PACEdge software. The portfolio also provides connectivity and computing for plantwide analytics and supervision.

Two slots, multiple options

Click Plus PLCs combine the simplicity of the original Click PLC with advanced features, including Wi-Fi, MQTT, data logging and mobile access. Click Plus two-slot CPU offers an added, built-in option module slot for even more PLC I/O customization. More than 400 option slot I/O module combinations are possible for one standalone PLC. For systems with higher I/O needs, the two-slot CPU can be expanded with up to eight added, stackable I/O modules for up to 156 discrete I/O or 60 analog I/O points.

Smart PLC/PAC/RTU upgrade knows flow

OSA Remote +Flow industrial control system is a compact, cyber-secure PLC/PAC/RTU option with integrated process control and flow computing. It includes Flowcal algorithms, factor linearization and meter proving. OSA Remote +Flow can handle up to 20 software programmable I/O with standard protocols. A sealed all-metal housing, temperature rated from -40 °C to +80 °C (176 °F), secures a multi-core ARM Cortex processor with 512 MB program RAM and 64 GB secure Flash memory.
Bedrock Automation

Open with Linux, reliable with IEC 61131

PLCNext open-control platform combines PLC reliability and smart-device openness, and also combines the advantages of traditional IEC 61131 programming with the flexibility of open-source languages like Linux. Users can directly access PLCNext's core via Linux, letting them leverage the open-source community or develop their own Linux-based applications on a hardened control platform. It also enhances IEC 61131 PLC programming and makes it possible to program controllers using high-level languages.
Phoenix Contact

Modular HMI/PC up to Zone 2/22, DIV. 2

VisuNet FLX are flexible operator workstations and monitoring systems for ATEX/IECEx Zone 2/22, Division 2, and non-hazardous areas. Thanks to its fully modular design, VisuNet FLX's HMI solutions can be configured to maximize functionality for quick and easy customizing in the field. Three basic configurations—mostly based on thin client technology—are available and are supplemented by a continuously expanding range of peripheral devices, including HMI system, panel PC and box PC.
Pepperl+Fuchs Inc.

Performance in a small footprint

CP2E Series PLCs from Omron provide performance in a compact footprint. They're designed for small- to medium-sized machines, and provide features previously only available in higher-end controllers, including enhanced communication to enable M2M data transfer and facilitate IIoT applications. With fast instruction and scan times coupled with better environmental ratings, expansion options and up to four axes of motion, CP2E enhances the performance and value of any machine design.
Digi-Key Electronics

PLC supports IIoT efforts

ControlEdge PLC combines with the Experion platform to reduce integration costs, minimize downtime, embed cybersecurity, and lower TCO with an extended lifecycle. This controller connects through all levels of process and business operations, and is one of the first supporting Honeywell’s IIoT-ready initiative. ControlEdge also uses the OPC UA, and works with Universal I/O to enable remote configuration and late design change flexibility as part of the LEAP project execution methodology.

PID and general control in one module

Melsec iQ-R Series automation controller enhances process control systems with its wide range of CPU modules, which integrate advanced PID and general control into one module. This provides system scalability (from small to large) for a best-fit solution. When paired with a redundant function module, it creates a redundant control system that's ideal for applications that require highly reliable control. Various network modules with redundant functionality embedded are also available.
Mitsubishi Electric

Combine PLC, motion, IIoT tasks

ctrlX Core is a modular control system for PLC, motion and IoT applications. It's built on a 64-bit, multi-core CPU and uses EtherCAT automation bus to control servo drives, I/O and other devices. Its Linux Ubuntu Core embedded OS with real-time extensions let users tailor their requirements with apps from the ctrlX Store. These include ctrlX PLC and Motion apps, which are scalable to provide basic to advanced functionality. ctrlX Works software tool provides the PLC’s programming environment, using IEC 61131 languages.
Bosch Rexroth Corp.

Edge compute, edge control

Edge Controller and Edge Computer for edge-of-network computing achieve low-latency control and simplify connections with cloud services. Edge Controller (752-8303/800-002) lets users run high-speed and complex applications with its quad-core processor as well as applications through Docker containers with its Linux-based real time operating system. Edge Computer (752-9400/752-9401) comes with a Debian Linux operating system, quad-core Atom processor, 64 GB flash memory and 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM.

Ultra-compact, IP65/67 industrial PC

C7015 ultra-compact, robust, industrial PC with IP65/67 protected housing is Microsoft Azure certified and AWS qualified, and is ideal for decentralized installation. C7015 measures 85 x 167 x 43 mm, runs Intel Atom multi-core processors with up to four cores, and can serve as a field-based machine controller. C7015's EtherCAT P connection also creates options for efficient sensor/actuator connection via its IP67-protected EPP modules.
Beckhoff Automation

Add I/O for power monitoring

groov EPIC edge-programmable controller has added two I/O modules for large-scale power monitoring and signal integration. They are GRV-IVAPM-3 for Category III three-phase AC power monitoring up to 600 VAC and GRV-MM1001-10 for universal I/O sensing and control. Once acquired, data from GRV-IVAPM-3 and GRV-MM1001-10 is immediately available to backend applications via groov EPIC’s embedded MQTT clients, Ignition Edge from Inductive Automation, REST API and regular protocols.
Opto 22
800-321-OPTO (6786)

PAC with A-B RIO/DH+ port

NeoPAC is an open-architecture PAC with virtually unlimited memory and multiple, configurable ports. It supports up to two Allen-Bradley “bluehose” ports to interface to Data Highway Plus (DH+) or A-B Remote I/O (RIO) networks. NeoPAC can be connected to Ethernet or serial I/O from many vendors, while also connecting to new and old Rockwell Automation controllers as a peer. This lets users of A-B PLCs upgrade obsolete devices without changing the A-B controller or buying costly interfaces. NeoPAC can even replace an A-B PLC.
SoftPLC Corp.
800-SoftPLC, 512-264-8390

Expansion module offers options

PLCs from Mitsubishi fit any industrial automation engineering need. With a wide variety of local and expansion module options running on AC or DC power, they provide multiple digital and analog I/O inputs, RS-485 SD connections, and memory card slots. In addition, each PLC also hosts its own IP address that, when coupled with the built-in Ethernet port, allows it to easily be connected and programmed into any established network.

Speed solves challenges

FA-M3V series PLCs seek higher speeds to solve manufacturing challenges. Its Vitesse series has reportedly set industry speed records, while maintaining stable control, extensibility and reliability. It executes in 3.75 ns for basic instructions, 7.5 ns for application instructions and 37.5 ns for floating-point add instructions. This pursuit of speed also produced Yokogawa’s Instruction, Processing, Response, and Scan (IPRS) design, which features parallel and independent processing.

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