Box IPC with 21 TOPs computing, multiple interfaces and wireless connectivity

March 5, 2024

AC100 box IPC enhances the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX with up to 21 trillion/tera operations per second (TOPS) of computing power, enabling concurrent execution of advanced neural networks and data processing from multiple high-resolution sensors. It has versatile input/output interfaces, including DisplayPort, Ethernet and USB, and mass storage with its internal PCIe M.2 SSD interface. For wireless connectivity, AC100 has M.2 ports for a 4G/5G WWAN module and two Wi-Fi 6 modules. Four optional MPO/MTP fiber-optic connectors can be provided for data transmission over PCI Express Gen3 x4-based, fiber-optic cables up to 100 meters. Thanks to its wide-range 9-57 VDC voltage input, flexible installation in different environments is possible.

In addition, an integrated packet switch enables external devices, such as high-resolution cameras and cascading added AC100 modules to create a cluster. Plus, an optional SD can be added to supplement this box IPC’s integrated 16 GB eMMC.

Software configuration on AC100 is carried out by customized and freely provided Linux4Tegra operating system from EKF, which is based on Ubuntu 18.04 and Linux Kernel 4.9 both from Nvidia. An NVMe SSD card with a current storage volume of 8 TB is available in the system for the user data. The external NVME SSDs of connected systems can also be used within a cluster.

EKF Elektronik GmbH