OMAC releases PackSoft Application Library (PackAL)

May 18, 2005
THE OPEN MODULAR Architecture Controls Users’ Group (OMAC) has announced the release and distribution of the PackSoft Application Library (PackAL). This standard will give users more transparency in machine programming, debugging and maintenance and allow the user to move toward standardized ways of exchanging information in between machine module controls.The document, now ready for implementation and testing, is distributed as a Technical Paper and includes: graphical timing diagrams describing the performance of function blocks, function block control inputs and naming conventions for easier programming and handling, and the addition of the PackML State Machine Function Block as an interface standard to State Machine implementations.  Additional topics covered include best practices on implementation of applications, generic function blocks for machine to machine communications, a compliance declaration section, and the new PackAL logo.  The work of PackSoft will continue to further develop the document, and the group intends to issue a future version with improvements, user feedback, and alignments with future PLCopen standards currently in draft status.