Wago's Controller and Bus-Coupler

July 23, 2004
Controller and bus-coupler are EtherNet/IPTM compliant
Ethernet Contoller and Bus-coupler 
Ethernet controller and 750-341 Ethernet bus-coupler are in conformance with Ethernet I/P test. The products are in compliance to the spec and are interoperable with other EtherNet/IP devices. The EtherNet/IP standard was developed by ODVA, the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association, in response to the growing use of Ethernet in industrial applications. This new standard is based on the Common Industrial Protocol, CIP for short, which is also the foundation for other fieldbus protocols supported by ODVA, such as DeviceNet. In addition to EtherNet/IP, a number of other fieldbus protocols, including Ethernet TCP/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus, CANopen, Interbus-S, FireWire, CC-Link and LonWorks are available.