AutomationDirect's Stellar soft starters

June 22, 2015
Line of Stellar soft starters expands to include SR55 series.

AutomationDirect adds a new series of soft starters to its line of Stellar soft starters to control three-phase AC induction motors.

The new SR55 series are designed to withstand up to 477 FLA (at 200-480 VAC) and are available in three frame sizes. They are fully digital, provide full motor overload protection and use thyristors in all three motor phases for controlled, reduced voltage motor starting and stopping.

The SR55 series features 24VDC, 110 or 230 VAC selectable control voltage, as well as easily and separately adjustable motor start and stop times. These programmable units are fully equipped with a touchscreen with an easy to navigate menu structure, a quick Automatic Application Setup feature, built-in SCR failure protection and full data logging.