Opto 22

March 2, 2007
SNAP PAC Simulator executes SNAP PAC System™ control, monitoring, and data aquisition srategies with no hardware required

Opto 22 has introduced SNAP PAC Sim, a software application that provides the functionality of an Opto 22 SNAP PAC programmable automation controller in a Microsoft Windows®-based PC—without the need for an external hardware controller. Combined, Opto 22's SNAP PAC Sim and PAC Project™ software suite (available as a free download from the Opto 22 website) give users all the control programming, human-machine interface development, and debugging tools needed to design, build, and debug an industrial control, monitoring, and data acquisition application for the SNAP PAC system.

Opto 22 website visitors have long been able to download, evaluate, and use SNAP PAC system software free of charge to familiarize themselves with Opto 22's flowchart-based programming environment. The SNAP PAC Sim takes this a step further by letting users run the strategies they've created in an environment that simulates an actual SNAP PAC system programmable automation controller. Doing so allows control engineers, programmers, prospective customers, and others to learn more about SNAP PAC controllers, experience first-hand the tight integration between the Opto 22 hardware and software, and even begin their application development prior to laying out a capital expense.

The SNAP PAC Sim will be available as a free download from Opto 22's website, and will also be bundled with various SNAP PAC System software demos.