Edge-to-cloud data and control

Feb. 28, 2023

To easily collect data from the field and move it to the cloud, EPC 1502 and EPC 1522 are PLCnext industrial, edge computers that integrate into existing IT infrastructure, closing the IT-OT gap. They have preinstalled software tools, such as Node-RED, local time-series database and a simple cloud connection, which reduce development and provision times. EPC 1522 has integrated Wi-Fi, while some models have a serial port for to legacy connections.

EPC 1502 and EPC 1522 have an integrated, web-based management tool for simple, secure management. They also have a full metal housing for passive cooling.

In addition, the EPC family includes PLCnext Runtime Technology that’s familiar to users of the AXC F PLCnext automation platform (F1152, F2152, F3152). It allows machine control, data logging and cloud connectivity in one box, which is valuable to users seeking digital twinning. EPC can also act as the data-logging/cloud connectivity connection to an existing PLC. 

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