Accurate, fast, labor-saving single-loop controller

March 3, 2023

Despite its compact 48 × 48 mm front panel size, Model C1A single-loop controller achieves high accuracy of ±0.1% of reading (for thermocouple or Pt100 RTD), and high-speed response with a sampling cycle of 25 ms. Its 4.5-digit numerical display shows values from --19999 to 19999 in units of 0.01 °C, enabling more detailed checking of process conditions. C1A also has labor-saving functions, such as a multi-status indicator that show process status at a glance, and communications with PLCs without special programs. It calculates voltage, current and heater resistance using voltage transformer (VT) and current transformer (CT) inputs, which can be monitored on the front panel or used to output alarms if the preset threshold is exceeded. C1A also includes Smart Loader Package standard software with a PID simulator based on Azbil’s proprietary simulation technology. This simulator uses operating data to create mathematical models that reproduce characteristics of the object of control, allowing users to simulate PID control on a PC and reduce adjustment time.  

Azbil Corp.