Scalable PLC with many I/O, communications protocols and programming options

March 1, 2024

UniStream TA32 PLC offers six analog inputs, two temperature inputs and three analog outputs onboard, and is scalable to 2,048 local I/O, and nearly limitless remote I/O. It can handle 64 independent PID loops, recipes and data logging. UniStream TA32 can network via protocols like Modbus, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, CANbus, CANopen, CANLayer2, BACnet, HART, and OPC-UA. It also employs REST API, MQTT, SQL, SNMP agent/trap, VNC, FTP server/client, web server, email and SMS messaging, and GPRS/GSM. These enable users to easily design PLC controls and HMI applications for water treatment, boilers, HVAC and other application with UniStream TA32’s UniLogic all-in-one software.