Security Event Logger

Nov. 3, 2009
Byres Security Inc. is announcing the introduction of the new Tofino Event Logger Loadable Security Module (LSM) as part of the Tofino Industrial Security Solution. Designed to record network security events and alarms, even when communication links are interrupted, the product facilitates proactive measures to improve plant availability. This new Tofino module also collects data for ANSI/ISA-99, ISO/IEC and NERC-CIP standards compliance. Like many network devices, the Tofino Event Logger LSM can forward security event and alarm data to a central IT syslog server. What is unique is that if communications are interrupted, or if the syslog server is shut down, messages will be stored locally for forwarding later when the connection is repaired, or they can be offloaded to a USB storage device. Local storage volume is significant with the ability to record up to 20,000 events. Additionally, the Tofino Central Management Platform server automatically backs up all records, giving critical data triple protection against loss. Like the entire Tofino Industrial Security Solution, this new module can be deployed without plant downtime and without IT expertise, for quick, cost-effective installation and administration. Furthermore its triple data storage feature means that it can be used in systems where syslog servers are not available.Some of the uses of the Tofino Event Logger LSM include:    * Process control networks where security events and alarms data must be recorded for proactive security programs or for compliance with ANSI/ISA-99, ISO/IEC and NERC-CIP standards    * Control and automation networks needing to record data to IT-based event logging servers    * Isolated SCADA systems (such as offshore platforms) that must record security events, but have only sporadic communications (or no communications at all) back to central event logging systems.