April 14, 2005
Wireless system monitors plants
Wireless system monitors plants
Wireless system monitors fluid storage, flow meters, water levels, timers, temperature, power failure, and alarms at industrial and chemical plants. When hazardous conditions occur, it alerts facility managers via wireless voice messages or email. The system monitors and controls equipment and environmental conditions using eight dry inputs, six analog inputs, built-in power failure detection, and two relay outputs. The unit includes a software package for Windows so managers can remotely monitor input and output status and alarm history. They can also program the unit or control outputs remotely via the web page. Available in more than 300 cities nationwide, the system distributes critical information anytime and anywhere via wireless alarm messaging delivered by real voice messages or e-mail, including wireless phone text messaging. By implementing the system, facilities eliminate the reliance on land line technology. Additionally, end users can request status reports via e-mail or through text messaging from a pager. Additional features include:
  • Built in power failure alarm and battery charger
  • Low battery alarm
  • Solar power option
  • Alarm message delivery to 16 destinations
  • Remote access to Skymetry web site for device status, alarm history, and programming