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Highlights from Advantech Connect 2021

May 7, 2021

Advantech paves the digitalization road

Co-presenters Linda Tsai and Jash Bansidhar opened the Advantech Connect 2021 by explaining Advantech's philosophy and solutions in "How transformative technologies digitalize industrial IoT." By collaborating with partners, "we can streamline the deployment and maturation of IIoT and communication services that enable the future of smart manufacturing." Tsai said. Read more.

Industrial AI empowering IoT deployment

Analyzing data and generating insights is increasingly automated, providing sharper guidance and freeing workforces to focus on more strategic roles. This was the central message of the AI-focused presentations during this track of the conference, in which several Advantech experts dove into the transformation of AI from new technology to competitive strategy enabler. Read more.

Smart machines to drive factory innovation

Distributing smart-manufacturing technology to the end-user customer can benefit OEMs, as IIoT utilization proliferates. “Why I like the IIoT provider strategy is it allows the OEM to provide that technology to customers and get smart manufacturing distributed much more quickly,” said Losant’s Brandon Cannaday. Read more.

Advantech, partners tackle climate challenges

Remote monitoring and control, predictive maintenance enabled by analytics, and optimization through intelligent operations are the three initiatives that are critical to progress on sustainability, argued Advantech's Chingpo Lin. A panel of experts explained the new tech that is making these initiatives possible. Read more.

Maintenance managed with predictive AI

Advantech’s Mike Berryman led a panel discussion on the common pain points in industrial operations that can be suitably addressed with machine AI, condition monitoring and edge technologies. “’Edge cloud’ will be one of the key elements to support edge intelligence,” noted Daniel Hsu. Read more.

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