Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

The digital future of decarbonized energy

As critical as the effort is, many of the commonly pursued steps to decarbonization—think electrification, the use of renewable energy, intensifying energy-efficiency measures...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

The time for the industrial cloud is now

“The question is on the top of everybody’s mind, especially among our customers,” began Brian Shepherd, senior vice president of software and control at Rockwell Automation. “...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Power producers making room for renewables

Across industry, energy management has become part of the way we do business. In many cases, regulations are forcing industry to meet new standards, and many are making sustainability...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Digitalization fuels oil and gas recovery

The past couple of years have been tough on everyone due to COVID-19, but they were almost a knockout blow for oil and gas producers and related manufacturers already reeling ...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Leverage data to be productive and sustainable

There’s a longstanding belief that sustainability and productivity are at odds. You want to operate in a sustainable fashion? Great. It’s gonna hurt your productivity.But society...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Machine builders bring transformation to the plant floor

Digital transformation means a new kind of machinery with the ability to share data to the edge and the cloud. But change comes slowly and usually in waves. Original equipment...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Just like Legos: Digital transformation with PlantPAx DCS

“The first step of a digital transformation is to gather up all the data points of your OT system,” said Shannon Chan, Rockwell Automation PlantPAx product specialist, at the ...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

PlantPAx helps overcome COVID restrictions

How do you build a new, state-of-the-art distributed control system for a food processing plant and customer design team that often are physically inaccessible to you due to COVID...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

A roadmap for life sciences digitalization

Digital transformation can be tricky for any enterprise, but those in the life-sciences space face particularly high hurdles due to strict regulations and elongated times to market...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Rockwell Automation goes all in on diversity, inclusion

More brains and backgrounds mean better decisions and greater productivity. This is the simple and laudable logic driving Rockwell Automation’s accelerating diversity, equity ...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

People and partnerships lead digital transformation

Industry has been on the digital journey for some years, and while some have made big strides, many have yet to start. In big industry, like automotive and tire manufacturing,...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

3 steps toward a more agile, flexible workforce

Recruiting, managing and retaining skilled workers have remained critical priorities for manufacturing organizations. The challenges created by the COVID-19 global pandemic not...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

PlantPAx speeds production line development

A large consumer products company with manufacturing all around the world faced a specific challenge. The company was closing a facility in the United States, but that production...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Downtime is the right time for digitalization

One consolation of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 was the economic slowdown, allowing manufacturers time to begin upgrading existing production systems and embark on their...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

To protect your assets, start at the beginning

“The way that we think about cybersecurity is really across the entire attack continuum,” began Angela Rapko, regional vice president of lifecycle services at Rockwell Automation...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Kraft Heinz, AB-InBev take digitalization plunge

Digital transformation is such a huge and torrential topic, many manufacturers can be forgiven for their reluctance to put a toe in, let alone jump in with both feet. Despite ...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

PlantPAx runs up the score at PSUG

Just as too much of a good thing can be wonderful, PlantPAx isn’t resting on its many advantages and achievements in recent years, and is instead building on its gains to give...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

How services can connect the digital dots

“The success of everyone really depends on understanding what’s possible, and the only way you can truly understand what’s possible is through the power of knowledge,” began Frank...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Personify customers to meet their needs

At the start of his Perspectives presentation during the opening of Automation Fair, Rockwell Automation’s signature event, Senior Vice President Software and Control Brian Shepherd...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Devices smarten up to better aid humans

Despite enterprises’ climb toward autonomous operation, human interaction remains at the crux of productivity in any environment. And new product offerings being featured at Automation...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Tech trends driving Industry to v5.0

Rarely has industrial automation changed at such an exponential rate. The combination of various technology trends has propelled enterprises into Industry 4.0 so fast that Frost...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

Rockwell Automation core strengths ensure customers' future

How do you overcome the devastating impact of unprecedented challenges? You start by drawing on core strengths to begin counterpunching, then use that power to pick up new tools...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2021

PlantPAx all aces for Texas natural gas production

It might seem like natural gas comes ready-to-use out of the ground, but it actually requires plenty of separation and treatment to prepare it for consumption. No one knows this...