Honeywell Users Group 2022

Honeywell Users Group 2022

Corteva migrates the method, but saves batch control smarts

“The complexity of our migration is not in the size of our facility, but in the amount of physical assets we need to migrate.” Corteva’s Al Llorens explained the companywide initiative...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

Extensive planning key to control room re-siting at LyondellBasell

“We took a busful of people to three different furniture manufacturers.” LyondellBasell’s Jeff Varner explained the intricate steps it took relocate is control rooms, migrate ...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

Alcoa puts its best foot out front with MES migration

“We had an MES, but there were new features to add to make our people happy. It wasn’t a copy and paste.” Alcoa’s Geff Wood explains the worthwhile effort of his company’s QUASAR...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

Securing OT systems demands smart software, even smarter strategies

“We’re a cybersecurity solution provider. We can help them do it. We can do it for them. Or they can purchase our products and do it themselves.” Honeywell’s Jeff Zindel discussed...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

Energy storage takes centerstage for Honeywell and customers

“Energy storage and digitalization are essential for enabling the modern grid.” Honeywell’s Prudence Hoffman recommends that each user configure available solutions to whatever...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

Georgia-Pacific eases migration path with ControlEdge UOCs

“You can use existing I/O and field wiring, which significantly reduces time and effort.” Georgia-Pacific’s Jarmo Salminen sang the praises of Honeywell Process Solutions’ ControlEdge...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

ExxonMobil saves time with automated device commissioning

“Where it used to take two technicians about an hour, ADC execution is presently about 5 minutes.” ExxonMobil’s Erik Phelps explained the dramatic time savings realized through...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

Pandemic hinders, helps Chevron DCS migration

Despite setbacks, Rickie Ohiri and the rest of the Chevron project team at the company’s El Segundo refinery were able to successfully execute an ambitious system migration within...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

Women in technology inspire diversity, culture change

A diverse panel of women in technology discussed progress toward building a more representative and inclusive culture in the technical sector and suggested ways that we can all...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

Honeywell takes on workforce optimization 'in real life'

“Now people come into the plant ready to start delivering results within weeks. There is no longer a months-long training period.” Pramesh Maheshwari and Manas Dutta (right), ...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

Experion HIVE takes sting out of digitalization

“I/O HIVE has universal access to I/O, while Control HIVE does universal I/O discovery, allocation assignment and commissioning. This decouples hardware and software, enabling...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

Honeywell takes lead on Net Zero initiatives

“Green hydrogen is exciting because it comes from the electrolysis of water using renewable power.” Honeywell UOP’s Andrea Bozzano is bullish on the company’s expertise in membranes...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

Controllers digitalize, surpass themselves

“ELCN builds bridges with Ethernet, and fully synchronizes with HPM.” In full copilot attire appropriate for a ‘mid-air’ system migration demo, Honeywell’s Steven Roby walked ...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

Honeywell stands ready at edge of transition

“Several of our customers are moving into battery storage because they want to reduce their carbon footprints.” Ujjwal Kumar, president of Honeywell Process Solutions, emphasized...
Honeywell Users Group 2022

‘Elite athletes’ on journey to autonomous

“Each step drives better performance, improves safety, increases production yield and boosts reliability with better asset insights, ensuring that personnel working within standard...