Live from ROKLive

June 14, 2022

Headlines from Tuesday, June 14

Customers at the center of ROKLive universe 

“Data is at the center of all we do. With our Operations Management vision, strategy and products, we and our customers can bring together data from anywhere, put it in context, and let users employ it everywhere.” Rockwell Automation’s Brian Shephard welcomed some 2,000 users of the company’s automation solutions, including those of its recent Plex Systems and Fiix acquisitions, to ROKLive. Read more.

Plex Systems blossoms in first year with Rockwell

Plex Solutions’ Nathan Pieri outlined steps the cloud-based solutions provider is taking to streamline implementation for its manufacturing customers. Read more.

Certain growth, tempered with uncertainty

“When someone is moving toward digital transformation and the technology they need to adopt, there are so many that they might have trouble making a decision.” Plex Systems’ Gerry Abbey reviewed the results of the company’s seventh annual report on the state of smart manufacturing. Read more.


The new shape of lights-out manufacturing

Greg Heath, director of business strategy at Shape Corp. (left) and Luke Abrams, IT manager at Newman Technology (right) participated in a lively panel discussion on the many ways in which organizations can fulfill aspects of the “lights-out” manufacturing paradigm. Read more.

A preview of new FactoryTalk visualization platform

“You can create or change applications with a style sheet, and it includes multi-language support.” Rockwell Automation’s Steve Briant gave ROKLive attendees a sneak preview of FactoryTalk Optix. Read more.

Headlines from Wednesday, June 15

Manufacturers realize quantifiable gains

“Most of the Industry 4.0 technologies are a way to look at a physical device in a digital environment.” Plex Systems’ Jerry Foster pointed out results achieved through digitalization. Read more

Edge tech in infancy, but growing up quickly

“The edge is really the best of both worlds, reducing the downsides of each.” Rockwell Automation’s Oliver Haya discussed the importance of edge computing in bridging local and cloud platforms, and previewed the company’s new FactoryTalk Edge Gateway. Read more.

FactoryTalk Design Hub lets teams be teams

“The main question users have is how to bring their team members together, such as their human machine interface (HMI) expert and their motion control expert, and enable the group to benefit from their strengths.” Rockwell Automation’s Chris Como discussed the features and functionality of the company’s new FactoryTalk Design Hub. Read more.

Manufacturers get SaaS-y 

Five expert panelists in Rockwell Automation’s Software and Control division emphasize that cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) can streamline every type of industrial application. Read more.

MES enables the connected worker to soar

“When people on the shop floor don’t have access to the information they need, they don’t make good decisions.” Rockwell Automation’s John Clemons discussed the important role that manufacturing execution systems play in keeping connected workers at the top of their game. Read more.

Headlines from Thursday, June 16

Create and collaborate in the cloud

“The shared library can control and scale individual objects, such as adding new versions or required standards.” Rockwell’s Adam Gregory assured ROKLive attendees that the road to design in the cloud is modern and collaborative. Read more.

Sever planning from the spreadsheet

“Spreadsheets are the classic way of planning, but it only takes you so far.” Plex Systems’ Ara Surenian identified the changes needed to fix supply-chain issues moving forward. Read more.

Six ways to supercharge cloud computing

“Installing and updating software is not value-add time.” Together with colleague Oliver Haya, Rockwell Automation’s Leo Kilfoy discussed the many advantages of using cloud-based SaaS software in operational technology (OT) environments. Read more.

How to get started on OT cybersecurity

“The main thing is to just do something about cybersecurity. Get some people together, write an initial plan—maybe with a policy for changing passwords—and take some action.” Rockwell Automation’s Brian Deken discussed how manufacturers can take their first steps toward more cybersecure operations. Read more.

A roadmap to the cloud for FactoryTalk Design Hub

“You can use your laptop, wherever you may be, to connect to your desktop on-premise.” At this week’s ROKLive conference, Rockwell Automation’s Steve Briant previewed FactoryTalk Remote Access Runtime, which enables the benefit of a VPN tunnel. Read more.

How to attract and retain employees

“Culture starts with everyone that works in the organization, including your management.” Rockwell’s Albina Ortiz explained how to empower and develop a vibrant workforce in these challenging times. Read more.

Edge-to-cloud streamlines development

“If I need to develop a new module, if I need to make changes, I don’t need anybody at the factory.” Microsoft’s Danilo Diaz explained how Azure and FactoryTalk Edge Gateway work together to manage and contextualize data. Read more

When data exposure is a good thing 

“If you start to see workers engage and driving real change in production solutions, you are going to see significant improvements.” Plex Systems’ Michael Hart emphasized how data can empower and energize an organization’s workforce. Read more.

How to test capabilities when physical machinery isn’t ready

“The demo can be run on the PanelView or from the pendant that exists in Emulate3D.” Rockwell Automation’s Jeff Theisen, along with colleague Mike Harris, simulated drive capabilities using Emulate3D, FactoryTalk Logix Echo and Studio 5000 Logix Designer. Read more.

How automation technology can fill employee gaps

“Automation and Orchestration software has many out-of-the-box tools to help users employ MES with Plex, such as pre-built screens and logic, sample objects, and a code-free environment to meet users’ specific needs.” Plex Systems’ Tony Kaczmarek suggested automation to ease the worker dearth. Read more

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