VTScada Fest 2022

VTScada Fest 2022

‘Mission critical’ applies to team performance, too

“Mission critical is a thought process.” Pete Diffley, global partnerships leader for VTScada by Trihedral shared his perspective on how mission-critical thinking can be applied...
VTScada Fest 2022

What makes VTScada so special?

“Performance is no longer dependent on scale, but how many things change.” Glenn Wadden, founder of Trihedral Engineering and original developer of VTScada shared his unique approach...
VTScada Fest 2022

Cyber resilience requires new ways of thinking

“The way we are looking at the world has changed—it did in 2011.” Ian Schmertzler, president and CFO of Dispel, urged the providers of critical infrastructure represented at VTScadaFest...
VTScada Fest 2022

New backing promises bigger stage for VTScada

“The Delta acquisition is helping us to create solutions unavailable before.” Barry Baker, vice president and leader of North America operations for VTScada by Trihedral, kicked...
VTScada Fest 2022

VTScada 12.1 adds functionality, boosts performance

“It’s moving from one script path to multiple paths that don’t interact except in very controlled ways.” VTScada President and Founder Glenn Wadden explained Version 12.1’s new...