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Emerson celebrates 45 years of Coriolis leadership

Feb. 1, 2022


  • Founding of Micro Motion and invention of the Coriolis meter by Jim Smith in Boulder, Colorado, USA.
  • The first Coriolis meter brings direct mass flow measurement to industry for the first time.


  • The D Meter's dual-tube design eliminates the need for a stable external reference point, increasing both accuracy and installation flexibility.


  •  Micro Motion is acquired by Emerson, paving the way for continued innovation and rapid global expansion.


  • Even today, the ELITE Series remains the meter of choice for critical applications such as custody transfer and multiphase flow measurement.


  • The F Series is a compact, drainable workhorse meter designed to suit a broad range of process control applications.

  • The Tecnologias de Flujo in Chihuahua, Mexico, is the first major manufacturing center for Coriolis technology outside the USA.


  • Emerson returns to a single, straight-tube Coriolis meter with the T Series. A titanium flow tube helps minimize temperature effects. 


  • Series 3000 transmitters combine measurement and control capabilities in one instrument, enabling a range of standalone applications such as for batch control.


  • Acquisition by Emerson of Solarton Mobrey for complementary density and viscosity instrumentation.
  • Powered by multi-variable digital technology, the versatile, field-mounted 2700 transmitter brings a wide variety of I/O and application flexibilities to industry.


  • The Asia Flow Technology Center in Nanjing, China, provides an essential foothold in the Asian market for Emerson's Coriolis technologies.


  • ELITE High Capacity meters expand the high performance portfolio up to a line size of 14 inches in diameter.


  • The ELITE CMFS meter delivers precise Coriolis measurement to line sizes as small as 1/12 of an inch.
  • Smart Meter Verification brings an easy, straightforward way to remotely confirm the continued performance and integrity of Emerson Micro Motion Coriolis meters.


  • To better serve Emerson's customers across Europe, the company opens a 200,000-sq. ft. Emerson Flow manufacturing center in Cluj, Romania.
  • The 5700 field-mount transmitter adds a slew of new functionality, including "zero verification" and an onboard historian.


  • Advanced Phase Measurement for the first time offers end users the ability to simultaneously measure the mass flowrates of each element in a multiphase flow.


  • Professional version of Smart Meter Verification adds compliance reporting and advanced diagnostics guidance.


  • Emerson adds Wi-Fi connectivity to the company's 5700 transmitter, allowing personnel to safely interact with instruments in hard-to-reach places. 


  • Emerson adds Wi-Fi connectivity to the company's 5700 transmitter, allowing personnel to safely interact with instruments in hard-to-reach places. 


  • The new 1600 transmitter brings a new set of industry-tailored features and capabilities to the food and beverage and life sciences industries.

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