7 module type package resources

Oct. 22, 2021

Control's monthly resources guide complements MTP feature article, "Modular process automation: More than the sum of parts."

MTP webpages at AT NAMUR

NAMUR's website includes several webpages with useful information about MTP, including "Automaton modular plants" with links to an overview about MTP and a one-page flowchart. The website also has a "WG 1.12 Modules/Plug-and-Produce" page that details the organization's activities, goals and advantages of modularizing with MTP. It also includes a link to an abstract of NAMUR's NE 148 recommendation on "Automation requirements relating to modularization of process plants." They're at www.namur.net/en/work-areas-and-project-groups/wa-1-project-planning-and-construction/wg-112-modules/plug-and-produce.html. NAMUR also presented a 15-minute video, "Drivers for plug-and-play concepts" by Michael Krauss of NAMUR at ARC Industry Forum 2019.


Easier commissioning

This four minute video, "INVITE and Festo show efficient commissioning of modular plants applying the MTP approach," shows how a proof of concept uses standardized formats for data exchange in engineering and production ensure that individual production modules can be integrated into higher-level automation systems regardless of the manufacturer. The company also presented a 30-minute video, "ACHEMA Pulse 2021: Modular production with MTP" by Alexander Kehl and Valentin Buleac.


Modules in NOA context

This 20-page report, "Process Industrie 4.0: the age of modular production," and four-page flyer, "Process Industrie 4.0: future production is modular and open," cover the concepts of modular production, and present flowcharts about MTP and the NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA), and how they achieve greater interoperability. 


Integrating modules and software

This 11-minute video, "How to easily integrate equipment using MTP technology—product demo," covers how MTP (NAMUR 148) interface specification standard and software can make it easier to integrate process equipment, such as Emerson's DeltaV DCS and PACSystems AMS, and their applicable data objects and control logic. 


TwinCAT for MTP process

This eight-page whitepaper, "TwinCAT for the process industry: MTP," defines MTP, and shows how it can be applied in a variety of process applications, such as dosing, reacting, mixing and filtration. It also covers module engineering, and how to integrate MTP into TwinCat communication protocol. The company also offers a 14-minute video, "TwinCAT MTP: standardized interfaces for modular systems," on the same topic.


Two videos and a guide

These two two-minute videos, "Module Type Package—the way to a modular system" and "Interview: Module Type Package," present computer animations and a live interview at a recent SPS/IPC/Drives show about the advantages of using MTP in manufacturing. Wago also links to its eight-page guide, "Module Type Package (MTP)—the way to a modular system."


Modules follow functions

This six-page whitepaper, "Process module engineering," covers the function-based architectures of modular plants, and how MTP modules are developed. ABB also presents a three-minute video, "What is modular automation?


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