9 resources for Industrial IoT

July 9, 2021
This month's resource guide brings you up to speed on the Industrial IoT

Infrastructure, oil and gas

These two 12-14-minute videos, "Typical IIoT infrastructure revealed" and "Oil and gas IIoT vs. legacy example" by Walker Reynolds, share what actual IIoT infrastructures look like, and show how IIoT is converting the SCADA system for 500 oil and gas wells. These videos are just two in Reynolds' Whiteboard Wednesday series, which contains many other videos on IIoT and related topics.

4.0 Solutions

IIC global standards paper

This whitepaper, "Global Industry Standards for Industrial IoT" by the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) offers guidance in adopting and using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) standards, and outlines a vision and strategy to enable interoperability and system compatibility across the IIoT ecosystem. 

Industrial Internet Consortium

Measure what, tell who?

This 30-minute video, "IIoT for process control" by George Buckbee, head of performance solutions at Neles, covers IIoT as it applies to monitoring industrial control systems. This includes basic equipment performance by instrumentation and valves, but also IIoT for control loop monitoring, control strategies and process results.

Hyperight AB

Just short, sweet facts

This short blog post, "What is IIoT?" by Manjunath Hiregange, covers all the basic concepts and definitions related to IIoT, its main components, potential benefits, protocols, design aspects and challenges.


Five steps to IIOT

This blog post, "A complete guide to planning your IoT solution" by Patrick Corcoran of DMC, describes the system integrator's five-step process, which includes selecting a field device platform, determining communications and cloud platform, developing a web application, going live and maintenance, and an overview of relevant technologies and platforms.


Ethernet out and about

This 18-page whitepaper, "Ethernet to the field" by the FieldComm Group, ODVA, OPC Foundation and Profibus/Profinet International, shows how to use Ethernet and the emerging Advanced Physical Layer (APL) standard, which enables IIoT. It covers business and technical issues, different user types, and the development status of Ethernet-APL.


Video and blog combo

This blog post and nine-minute video, "What is the Industrial Internet of Things?" by Wally Gastreich, reports that IIoT is a control system evolution, and shows how it relates to the ISA95 standard, real-time data and security.


Overview for engineers

This online article, "The engineer's guide to Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0" by John Soldatos, covers IIoT's main elements, such as embedded sensors, maintenance strategies, analysis options and security.


Guide for manufacturers

This online article, "The ultimate guide to Industrial IoT for manufacturers," covers definitions, components, benefits and examples, and shows how to implement an IIoT project. 


Couple of cover articles

These two Control cover articles, "How process control can get the most out of IIoT" and "Common methods, best practices for IIoT solidify" by Jim Montague include case studies and best practices. 


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