Hydrogen becomes a battery

Avid Solutions system integrates the largest proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer facility in the U.S.

Navigating sustainability complexity

For sustainability projects, the objective is more than gaining the biggest return on investment

Controlling the roadmap to the future

How we can use process control knowledge to lead the charge to sustainability

Processing the human footprint’s impact

In Controlling the Future, Béla Lipták takes a process control-centric look at global warming and artificial intelligence

Peace with nature: building the ’artificial forest’

How a reversible fuel cell concept can pave the path to green energy
Clearing Harmful Algal Blooms

Clearing harmful algal bloom

AECOM, Ecosa, ENGraphted and Opto 22 team up on a sustainable harvesting solution to a complex environmental problem
Stability Expected

Stability expected: the sustainability-driven digital revolution

The top 50 global and North American automation suppliers report that sustainability and digitalization are overcoming other headwinds
3 D Model Of Wakayama Gobo Biomass Power Plant ©toyo Engineering
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ABB and Toyo automating three partners’ biomass plant in Japan

Enewill, Osaka Gas and SMFL Mirai’s greenfield Wakayama Gobo biomass power plant will supply 50 MW of renewable energy
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Advantech joins RE100, commits to 100% renewable electricity by 2040

Advantech announced July 6 that it’s joined the RE100 global corporate renewable energy organization, whose members are committed to 100% renewable electricity. Advantech has ...
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ABB manages energy at intelligent wastewater plant in Germany

ABB reported July 13 that its Ability Energy Management and Optimization (Optimax) solution is at the heart of an intelligent-energy wastewater treatment plant in Schwarzenbruck...
Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse 2 solar-powered aircraft soars through the sky over Switzerland. (Source: Shutterstock)

Process engineers must challenge the ‘impossible’ to acheive carbon neutrality

Just as Bertrand Piccard found a way to fly his solar-powered aircraft, Solar Impulse, despite doubts from many, process industries can find a way to accomplish the sometimes ...