Top 10 headlines in 2020

Jan. 4, 2021
From the 2020 Readers' Choice Awards to how to select a flowmeter, these were the Top 10 headlines in 2020

10. How to select a flowmeter

There are many flowmeter technologies available, and many have common elements and work in similar ways. Here Eric Lofland offers a detailed explanation of how to choose between the various technologies and find the right one for your applications. Read more.

9. Can we control artificial intelligence?

 Bela Liptak focuses on how this new tool and its applications are evolving, applying the rules of industrial process control to see if this evolutionary process is controllable. Read more.

8. Advanced Physical Layer standard to make field-level Ethernet a reality 

It’s been nearly 10 years since the process automation community first began investigating a protocol-neutral advanced physical layer to extend Ethernet over the industry’s last mile. Today, we’ve reached the last mile in that journey to make high-performance field device connectivity a practical reality. Read more.

7. Celanese zooms out to hi-level, avoids potential shutdown

How one specialty materials manufacturer released information from silos, and found lube oil temperature trends in rotating equipment. Read more.

6. Sizing and installing vortex meters

Bela Liptak and other subject matter experts explain how accuracy depends on observing diameter and straight pipe run requirements. Read more.

5. A straightforward explanation of feedforward control

Feedforward is an underutilized approach, says Peter Morgan, leader of the ISA 5.9 Standards and Practices (S&P) working group for PID algorithms. Here, he provides an understanding and approach to feedforward control in a discussion with Greg McMillan. Read more.

4. Ask the experts: Differential pressure missteps

Our experts address differential pressure transmitters used for level applications, as well as Venturi vs. flow nozzle recommendations. Read more.

3. Top 50 Automation Companies of 2019: Under siege

If you’ve been a reader of our Top 50 in recent years, you know we report on the previous fiscal year’s revenues. Under normal circumstances, the previous year’s revenues are a good predictor of what will happen in the current year, but this year’s Top 50 seems instead to be a glimpse at a more prosperous recent past as COVID-19 continues to ravage the global economy. Read more.

2. Model-based control: Raspberry Pi vs programmable logic controllers

When a process control application calls for more than a conventional loop, is the best platform a powerful single-board micro controller, or a basic PLC? Here are the findings. Read more.

1. 2020 Readers' Choice Awards

Whether you’re trying to land on the moon or simply to produce a high-quality product in an efficient and timely manner, you need expertise, endurance and the right stuff—instruments and controls you can rely on to get the job done. That's where Control's Readers' Choice Awards comes in. Read more.

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