Resource guide: Solids and powder know-how in bulk

Oct. 16, 2020
Control's monthly resources guide focuses on handling and measurement of solids & powders

Online powder handbook

This online handbook,, provides "explanations, design methods and operational tips on the most common unit operations and equipment found in industries processing powders." Its sections include solids properties and flow, unit operations, equipment and mixing, pneumatic transport, process safety, energy-saving tips and spray drying.

Radar level videos

This three-minute video, "VEGAPULS 69—media with small grain sizes/radar level measurement" by Jürgen Skowaisa and Clemens Hengstler of VEGA Greishaber KG, shows how smaller-wavelength sensing can make finer particles appear larger. It's one of a series of videos on radar level sensing issues and solutions.


Selection/engineering guide

The back half of this 108-page selection guide, "Continuous level measurement in bulk solids" from Endress+Hauser, provides measuring principles, and shows how to pick the one that meets criteria, choose instruments, and implement them.


Material density guide

Because users need to know bulk density to work with any powder or bulk solid, the online "Bulk material density guide" is a reference that lists thousands of materials and their bulk densities to assist in designing production systems.


Free application guide

This 144-page book, "Solids level measurement application guide," provides insights into various bulk solids characteristics and applications, and discusses the measurement solutions, technical choices, and installation guidelines for each.


Funnel flow video

This almost seven-minute video, "Flow of solids in bins, hoppers, feeders and chutes: funnel flow" describes the features of funnel flow, commonly used when handling bulk granular solids under gravity flow, and is taken from the AIChE Academy eLearning Course "Flow of Solids in Bins, Hoppers, Feeders and Chutes."

AICHE Academy

Measurement in bins, silos and hoppers

This 26-page technology review, "Level measurement of bulk solids and powders in bins, silos and hoppers," shows users what questions to ask to determine what kind of measurement they need; how to determine flow characteristics; how to compare printed and real-world accuracy; and covers the all the basic methods and technologies, including weight and cable, ultrasonics, radar, laser detection, load cells and strain gauges.


Powder and bulk blog

This online weblog, "Bulk-Blog," is devoted to the worldwide powder and bulk solids handling and processing community, and covers innovations, trends and news about powder/bulk solids transportation, moving, loading/unloading, weighing and processing.


Powder performance

The "Power and bulk solids instrumentation" section of Bulk Inside's website covers accurate dry solids measurement, powder behavior, flow properties, particle characterization, handling difficulties, moisture measurement and other factors.

Bulk Inside

Solids articles archive

The online newsroom at BinMaster's website contains articles, case studies and whitepapers about bulk solids handling in many industries, including agriculture, cement, chemicals, ethanol, food, mining, plastics and others.


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