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Readers bid farewell to retiring editor Paul Studebaker

Jan. 30, 2020
Reader feedback: January 2020

On reading “Easy-peasy,” (Nov. '19, p. 9), I must relay to you that I more than enjoy your editorials.

All of your readers enjoy your approach to a difficult problem without a simple solution. From a metallurgy approach, we need a solid solution that can include the introduction of various random variables.

As a fellow metallurgist, I’m glad that you’ve found a good team member— Béla Lipták. It always helps if you have another opinion you value. (I read about a Hungarian mathematician who never missed a math conference, even though he was over 80. Guess what? Everyone gravitated to him.)

Retirement is a time to enjoy things that are fun. Also, it's a time to make work fun. All of your readers are looking forward, to at least, guest editorials.

Helen Duich
[email protected]

Thank you for the editorial on solving global warming on controlglobal.com. Amid the noise, hysteria, politics, misinformation and bad science swirling about the issue of global warming, yours was a calm, collected, and insightful voice that imparted hope, perspective, and optimism—qualities desperately needed in our discussions and actions regarding global warming.

Your contribution is all the more commendable given your current battle with cancer. Perhaps that very battle has contributed to your acquisition of those admirable attributes.
Thanks, again, for your article, and best of luck, science, medicine, blessings, hope, and endurance in your battle and safety in your travels.

Scott White
[email protected]

Helen and Scott, thanks for the kind and inspirational words. You may see more from me in print or online, or perhaps we'll meet at a trade event.

Meanwhile, global warming and cancer are just two of the ways I've been reminded our time is too short, and tomorrow is not guaranteed. In retirement, my objective is to learn better how to behave accordingly.

—Paul Studebaker


Regarding the Joe Weiss blog, “Finally, a key to the boardroom for control system cyber security—Moody’s steps up,” thanks for calling out an important evolution of the industry. 

Keynotes at GridSecCon included Tom Fanning, CEO, Southern Company, predicting collaboration with the finance sector as essential for sustainable defense of the electric sector. Where can we find more about "Moody’s cyber risk assessment approach?" Seersco published a few details about Moody's approach, citing three main factors: nature and scope of targeted assets, the duration of disruption caused by the cyber attack, and expected time to recover after the cyber attack. Not much else is surfacing about Moody's approach for the energy sector.

Bryan Owen
[email protected]

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