Top 10 articles of the decade

Jan. 9, 2020
From direct versus reverse-acting control to safety and security, these were the Top 10 articles on throughout the past 10 years

10. Safety and security: Two sides of the same coin

A weakness in security creates increased risk, which in turn creates a decrease in safety, so safety and security are directly proportional, but are both inversely proportional to risk. Read more.

9. Top 50 Automation Companies of 2012

Major acquisitions and a real shift in focus for the automation industry going forward. Read more.

8. Capacity control of reciprocating compressors

Today, with increasing capacities and power ratings of new reciprocating compressors, advanced methods such as stepless capacity control and split-range control systems can help to eliminate use of recycle valves, save energy, improve controllability and save costs. This article explains the basic theories of traditional and advanced capacity control methods for reciprocating compressors. Read more.

7. Top 50 Automation Companies of 2017: Digitalization takes over

The storm surge of digital transformation, driven by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing, advanced analytics and the push to managed services, continues to transform how the Top 50 biggest worldwide and North American automation suppliers do business. Read more.

6. Understanding how ultrasonic continuous level measurement works

Ultrasonic level is one of the five non-contacting continuous level measurement technologies, and the one that is most often misused or misapplied. Here's how to do it right. Read more.

5. Positioned for recovery: Top 50 automation companies of 2015

The biggest global and North American process control and automation suppliers jockey to be in the right spot when their markets revive. Read more.

4. How to Avoid a Common PID Tuning Mistake Tips

Whether you are talking about a liquid level, composition, pH, or temperature or a gas pressure, decreasing the gain can cause slow oscillations. These are important loops. Thinking reducing gain will always reduce oscillations, a person seeing the oscillations decreases the gain making the matter worse. Greg McMillan explains this occurrence in this Control Talk blog post. Read more. 

3. Beginner's Guide to Differential Pressure Level Transmitters

The importance of level measurement cannot be overstated. Incorrect or inappropriate measurements can cause  levels in vessels to be excessively higher or lower than their measured values. Low levels can cause pumping problems and damage the pump, while high levels can cause vessels to overflow and potentially create safety and environmental problems. Vessels operating at incorrect intermediate levels can result in poor operating conditions and affect the accounting of material. Read more.

2. Linear or equal percentage valves: When should I use which?

In this Ask the Experts column, Bela Liptak and other experts offer some general guidelines on when to use linear or equal percentage valves. Read more. 

1. Controllers: Direct vs. reverse-acting control

Valve failure position and controller actions are independently determined. In this article, our experts tackle them separately. Read more.

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