Top 10 articles in December 2019

Jan. 3, 2020
From MQTT and open SCADA to Joe Weiss on cybersecurity, these were the Top 10 articles on during the month of December 2019.

10. OT “experts” do not understand the engineering impacts of control system cyber vulnerabilities – and that can be existential
Joe Weiss responds to Dragos' report, “Stuxnet to CrashOverride to TRISIS: Evaluating the history and future on integrity-based attacks on industrial environments,” noting that the gaps in understanding in the Dragos report are common to all OT network security vendors in all industries. Read more.

9. 12 days of cybersecurity: A mini-series
In this 12-part series, executive editor Jim Montague explores today's cybersecurity landscape. Read more.

8. The biggest valve sizing mistake
Although improvements in technology and communications should lead to better awareness, the problem appears to getting worse because of pervasive persistent misconceptions fostered by missing fields on valve specification forms. Read more.

7. aeSolutions gets physical with cybersecurity steps
"People who previously believed their last-line-of-defense safety systems were untouchable have now realized they're just as vulnerable." John Cusimano, vice president of industrial cybersecurity, aeSolutions how it follows operations technology (OT) requirements and shares some advice for protecting safety systems from cyber attacks and malware. Read more.

6. Live from Automation Fair
Our editors reported live from Automation Fair 2019. Here, we bring you all of the top news and trends from the event. Read more.

5. Top 50 Automation Companies of 2018: Are you ready to rumble?
Is it possible to brace for a recession and forge ahead at the same time? The Top 50 biggest worldwide and North American process control and automation suppliers show how it's done. Read more.

4. Industrial wireless solutions push boundaries to deliver data from remote locations
On the cover of November's issue, we look at how self-healing mesh, wirelessHART and other innovations keep pushing boundaries of reliably to deliver data from remote, hard-to-reach locations. Read more.


3. PlantPAx V5 to feature new process controllers
At 2019 Automation Fair, Rockwell Automation showed an early trailer for what the company promises will be this summer’s blockbuster release: PlantPAx V5. The company's Dave Rapini also gave an overview of its upcoming purpose-built process controllers, which will launch alongside the updated DCS. Read more.

2. How Pfizer does cybersecurity
"If you don't have some cybersecurity protections in place, by the time you've figured out you have a problem, it will be too late, and you'll be toast." Jim LaBonty, director of global technology and engineering at Pfizer, why Pfizer needed to better secure its supply chain, and how it did it. Read more.

1. MQTT, open SCADA publish/subscribe protocol is getting what it needs to go industrial
MQTT is now the most commonly used messaging protocol above HTTP. The reference architecture is very simple, and is based on client/server Read more.

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