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Live from Emerson Global Users Exchange 2019

Sept. 24, 2019
Our editors are on-site to bring you the latest news and trends from the event.

A year of growth and promise

Lal Karsanbhai, executive president of Emerson's Automation Solutions business, opened Emerson Global Users Exchange 2019 with a keynote address acknowledging the challenges and problems professionals are facing in all fields and how Emerson is growing and evolving to help its customers meet their changing demands. Here's what else Karsanbhai said. 

Celanese unlocks stranded data

Celanese’s principal instrument engineer Greg Aguilar explained the success of the company’s piolet project using KnowledgeNet software this week at Emerson Exchange. “The particular failure we identified had been in place for nine months. It wasn’t seen as a degraded system at the time.” How that pilot project instilled confidence in new technology. 

Analytics key to digitalization rewards

Yet data analytics sometimes is not always the best solution. “We have more than 6,200 equipment models with 500 FMEAs. Some 80% of equipment can be done using existing first-principles analytics,” explains Emerson’s Peter Zornio. Here's how opportunity can be found.

Digital pilots move to production at 3M

“The assessment, building the foundation and defining the roadmap are critical first steps to move forward with your digital transformation.” Robert Sentz, FMRD manufacturing technology engineer at 3M, provided digital transformation advice based on 3M’s experience implementing Emerson technologies at several sites. How 3M moved beyond digital pilots into production. How 3M moved beyond digital pilots into production. 

Cloud migrations and IT-OT collaboration just got easier

Emerson’s Anil Datoo shared how the company’s consultancy expertise in designing and implementing data-management solutions has grown and evolved throughout the past year. “The key benefits we provide include improved work prioritization from timely awareness of impacts; improved communication between field and office personnel; contextualized source data sets for deeper analytics; and reduced load and improved security for control infrastructure.” How the data-management team can help you.

Improving productivity and safety with augmented reality

Anna Velena explains how Augmented Reality (AR) can enable a step-change in performance for maintenance processes and workflows to increase workforce collaboration and decision making around the plant. Learn how to digitally transform your workforce with AR.

Harden your SIS against cyber attacks

Sergio Diaz discusses cybersecurity aspects to consider for both integrated and interfacing architectures for safety instrumented systems (SIS), including countermeasures against unauthorized users. Learn about cybersecurity for your SIS.

5 competencies of digital transformation

Digital transformation is urgent. "It can help users achieve top-quartile performance, add two weeks of uptime, cut maintenance incidents in half or reduce safety incidents by 30%," according to Emerson’s Stuart Harris. Learn more of the benefits of transformation now.

Up digital-transformation profits

Augmented reality, external data and enhanced Optics for faster views are coming. “Get answers from your hidden data, and make them available through PlantWeb Optics,” says Emerson product manager Manasi Menon. Start drawing on the right set of technologies.

Digital tools improve collaboration, speed and productivity

Emerson's Brad Budde announces MyEmerson as a personalized online user experience. "Improved collaboration, speed and productivity are realized by moving historically off-line work processes online using digital tools." Learn how these digital tools stay personal.

Data management practice bolsters Emerson expertise

Emerson's new Data Management Practice was built through the acquisition of consultancy iSolutions with a focus on real-time data integrations for visualizations, KPI reporting and corporate integrations. The new practice adds a broad set of consulting and service capabilities. Learn why data management is a key enabling domain.

Guiding principles for digital transformation

In this Exchange Studios video, Emerson's Will Goetz talks best practices in digital transformation. From starting with a business case and engaging stakeholders early, these key guiding principles will help keep your efforts from going off track. Watch the interview to learn five essential principles.

Wireless gives digital transformation wings

To give its users some tangible assistance in deploying wireless for digitalization in those fields or plants, Emerson is bringing its 13 years of experience in pioneering and implementing wireless to bear and partnering with longtime collaborator Cisco on a new wireless-networking solution. Learn about the new Emerson Wireless 1410S Gateway with Cisco Catalyst IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Point. 

Refiners boil down today’s challenges

Today’s refineries have to deal with operational agility, higher margins, different crudes, corrosion, reliability and much more. Ed Schodowski, refining director, Emerson, moderated a panel of four industry experts who discussed six topics guided by live audience polls. See how the experts get a grip on mass balance and justify wireless.

Cybersecurity's foundational role in digital transformation

In this video interview, Emerson's Michael Lester discusses the most important factors organizations must consider with securing their OT and IT architectures in advance of digital transformation initiatives. It's not just about technology; people are at least as critical. Learn how to ensure your foundation is secure.

Up-front attention eases integration tasks for Shell

Shell’s Bob Sherven explained how they tracked and managed information on 6,000 digitally communicating devices and systems that needed to be connected to a new plant’s DeltaV control system using a range of protocols. Learn Shell's organized approach for the integration of third-party communications.

How digital tools are transforming work processes

The digital tools we all encounter in our personal lives drive the expectations we have for how we do business. In this video interview with Emerson's Brad Budde, learn how the company's MyEmerson tool is transforming the customer experience. Be more informed, more productive with MyEmerson.

Operational health access on demand

Danny Strinden explains the intuitive nature of DeltaV Mobile and how it can help to empower you and your team to solve important challenges and maintain awareness of your facilities from anywhere. Learn about DeltaV Mobile.

IIoT in oil and gas? Users make gains—carefully

Legacy assets, connectivity issues, worker attrition, cybersecurity, possible governmental concerns and other pesky snags contribute to slowing IIoT and digitalization down, according to the five panelists in the Upstream Oil and Gas Forum at the 2019 Emerson Global Users Exchange. However, careful, common-sense approaches can solve many of these issues, and deliver on many of the promises of the IIoT and digitalization. How oil and gas can successfully implement IIoT.

Chemical-makers embracing digital transformation

Executives from 3M, Celanese, Braskem Idesa and others came together to discuss their strategies for and successes with digital transformation in the Industry Forum for Chemicals at Emerson Global Users Exchange. “We have wireless infrastructure on 60-70% of our sites,” said Greg Aguilar, global reliability engineer at Celanese. Here’s how they’ve been successful.

CHARMs lower costs, improve safety for Cargill

“They challenged us to do it in two weeks.” Cargill’s John Krueger explained how they lowered costs and improved safety using CHARMs at the company’s Iowa corn-processing plant. Learn how this approach lowered costs by 30–40%.

DeltaV upgrade relieves pressures at Qatargas

Qatargas is always striving to be in the top quartile in efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction, and measures itself against the rest of the industry. As such, it recognized its need to upgrade. Qatargas’ Jassim Al-Shammali and Ahmad Hassan Al-Sulaiti, as well as Emerson’s Harish Govindan described the successful control system modernization project at Emerson Global Users Exchange. Learn about the world’s largest LNG producer’s DeltaV system upgrade. 

Gain DeltaV control of mixproof valves

Emerson’s Anders Kao discussed mixproof valves and their valve states, the logic behind the mixproof valve array control module, and how a mixproof valve array equipment module is designed to match PCSD standards as much as possible. Here's how to represent arrays of mixproof valves using DeltaV.

Denka starts small for bigger efficiencies

“It started with the IoT sensors, and the data was aggregated into software. Then it takes in data from the DCS. The last step is integration with the ERP. Digitalization was executed in phases, not a big-bang approach.” Said Emerson’s Jonas Berge, explaining how Denka’s Singapore styrenic resins plant began its digital transformation journey. Here’s how starting small paid off big.

Wireless illuminates performance at TVA

"By implementing wireless, TVA now has a digital infrastructure that can be expanded with minimal cost, and with just a 1.5% increase in efficiency at one unit, we could save millions of dollars, and achieve project payback in one year." Merrick and Co.’s Susan Hobbie discussed a money-saving wireless infrastructure project at the Tennessee Valley Authority. Here's how it updated, improved and expanded its condition monitoring.

Self-testing level switches save $600K at Marathon

Marathon's Derek Hanni and David Van Leuven co-presented with Karl White of Emerson how it was able to guard against failed level switches by swapping to using a Rosemount 2140, a vibrating-fork level switch. Learn how the switch freed up approximately 500 hours of maintenance time per year.

DeltaV success on a shoe-string budget

For potash producer Mosaic, virtualization was a long time coming on a tight budget. “Three projects were denied for several years until measures were taken to ensure funding,” said Matthew Gillespie. Here’s how a good project strategy ensured DeltaV success.

Mobile app boosts productivity at Bayer

“It’s reduced nuisance DeltaV alarms from the console. More data is in the hands of key personnel, and access is faster for troubleshooting and monitoring.” Bayer’s Kurt Schlawin explains how DeltaV Mobile allows the company to remotely monitor its processes. Learn how DeltaV Mobile improved the work-life balance for Bayer’s operators.

JXTG boosts valve reliability with Connected Services

Kazuya Koizumi of JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. discussed the company's successful use of Emerson Connected Services to remotely monitor valve performance. “Before optimization, we had more than 1,674 valve alerts per month and afterward, 39 alerts per month.” Learn how JXTG created a reduction of 98%

ATCO cuts gate-station noise with bootless regulators

Canadian gas distributor ATCO was having noise, reliability and maintenance issues at a high-pressure natural-gas letdown site located near a condominium complex. “We took measurements at the site and found readings as high as 117 A-weighted decibels (dBA)—very loud,” explained ATCO’s Chris Yin. Here’s how Fisher FL bootless regulators cut the noise and overall cost.

Drugmakers look to a more flexible Pharma 4.0

Historically, the life-sciences industry has produced two things: product and paper. "Over the past few years, data is the new currency," said Bob Lenich, life sciences marketing director at Emerson. A forum of industry veterans explored future opportunities in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals manufacturing industries at this year's Emerson Exchange. Learn how automation's transformation is being paralleled in pharma.

How DeltaV does SIS security

“It helps to remember that what makes sense for safety usually makes sense for cybersecurity." Emerson’s Sergio Diaz discussed specific threats and appropriate counter measures available in the DeltaV and DeltaV SIS environment. Discover tips for preventing field device changes.

Listen for tube-bundle leaks to cut HRSG down-time

"These facilities were not designed for the thermal cycling they’re now seeing on a regular basis.” Emerson’s Chris Short, together with colleague Shane Hale explained the financial benefits of HRSG early-steam-leak detection at the 2019 Emerson Global Users Exchange. This new, non-invasive technology can help eliminate outages.

LyondellBasell eliminates SIS trips with differential pressure flow solution

"Since installation of our Rosemount D/P solution in 2018, we've had no ethylene furnace trips due to feed or dilution steam metering error." LyondellBasell’s Wes Nance explained how the company reduced ethylene furnace trips resulting from feed or dilution steam metering errors. Here’s how they dropped variability of dilution steam and feed measurements by an order of magnitude. 

High performance valve solution ensures safety for Koch Ag 

Koch AG and Energy's Nick Hunter explained how a new high pressure, high performance valve solution addressed the company’s increased safety standards. "There are additional opportunities for Z500s at this site and across Koch," he said. Read more.

KPIs help gauge cybersecurity at Saudi Aramco 

"Complete cybersecurity can't be the goal because it can't achieved—potential probes, intrusions and attacks are always evolving. This means cybersecurity must be always evolving, too, and KPIs must be measured month to month." Saudi Aramco's Khalid Al-Ghamdi explained how measure OT cybersecurity at Emerson Global Users Exchange. Learn the formula for network security.

Upskill your workforce and close the skills gap

Industrial organizations are struggling with a shortage of technical and leadership talent. They must drive a culture of change even as they strive to extract the full value of their technology investments. Emerson's Jeff Hackney shares how Emerson is helping.

Effectively manage asset health with Plantweb Optics

Ben Skal shares how Emerson's Plantweb Optics can enable personnel to drive corrective actions and improve reliability by combining data from multiple applications to deliver asset-centric information, persona-based alerts and KPIs. Learn more about Plantweb Optics

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