2019 Readers' Choice Awards

Jan. 18, 2019
End users toast the companies that provide the best in process control

Engineering, installing and maintaining automation systems for safe, efficient, quality production takes many talents. Along with a real grip on the technologies and techniques of process control, you must have a good understanding of manufacturing principles, finances, people and more. 

One of the most important tools in your belt is your hard-won knowledge of what works. Through real-world experience, you've found products and brands you can rely on to give the best combination of performance, ease of use, reliability and reasonable cost. 

But no single automation professional is an expert in every one of the myriad categories of process control hardware, software and systems necessary to properly support today's plant. Where do you turn when it's time to identify a new source for one of the less familiar needs of your facility? Who do you want to consult—your purchasing department? Your local reps? Magazine editors? The web? 

How about your fellow professionals who read Control? That's who we poll to determine our annual Readers' Choice Awards.

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