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Unified EDDL Specifications Now Available

Nov. 29, 2018
FieldComm Group and Profibus/Profinet International released the first Unified Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) Technical Specifications
FieldComm Group and Profibus/Profinet International have released the first Unified Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) Technical Specifications. The newly unified specifications consist of three separate documents combined into a single package that will be enhanced and improved collectively moving forward – making it simpler for automation developers and other stakeholders to source and adhere to the Electronic Device Description (EDD) standards.

FieldComm Group maintains a collaborative working relationship with other automation industry standard bodies, including ProfibusNutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO), OPC Foundation, ODVA, NAMUR and OPA Forum. The unified EDDL specifications are a result of this collaboration.

The new EDDL specifications consist of three parts:

FCG TS61804-3 specifies EDDL technology, which enables the integration of real product details using the tools of the engineering lifecycle. It specifies the semantic and lexical structure in a syntax-independent manner.

FCG TS61804-4 specifies EDD interpretation for EDD applications, and EDDs to support EDD interoperability. This document is intended to ensure that field device developers use the EDDL constructs consistently, and that EDD applications have the same interpretations of the EDD. It supplements the EDDL specification to promote EDDL application interoperability and improve EDD portability between EDDL applications.

FCG TS61804-5 specifies the EDDL built-in library and provides the profiles for various fieldbuses, including HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

FieldComm Group Working Groups consisting of volunteers from member companies were responsible for the EDDL specification work.

To obtain the new release of the Unified EDDL Specifications, FieldComm Group members can visit https://fieldcommgroup.sharefile.com/home/shared/fo7252bc-1d66-461b-a5cd-e91b09de3f20 to download them free of charge.

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