Control's Top 10 most-read articles from September 2018

Oct. 15, 2018
From solving your DP problems to coverage of the 2018 Yokogawa User Group and FieldComm Group's 2018 Plant of the Year, these were the 10-most read articles on during the month of September 2018
1. Your DP problems could be a result of improper use of purges, fills, capillaries and seals

Last month, we discussed potential problems with impulse lines. Here, we offer alternatives in terms of the use of purges and capillary systems, and continue the conversation on DP and PT installations. Read more.

2. Understanding P, I and D

It is important to understand what the proportional, integral and derivative terms do within the PID controller. That understanding is essential to choose appropriate action, troubleshoot controllers, choose appropriate modifications, or set up advanced controllers. Read more.

3. Reimagine the advanced process control paradigm

In the wake of robust advanced process control (APC) activity for several decades, industry now finds itself with an APC paradigm that is largely obsolete, often unhelpful and sometimes misleading. Read more.

4. The argument for proactive process safety - Part 1

Despite a historically negative tide, evolving process safety standards and a growing crop of software solutions are giving users some tools to eke out safety gains on their own. Read more.

5. Emerson marks 50 years of pressure instrumentation innovation

Control’s Keith Larson catches up with Emerson's Scott Nelson to discuss the five decades of innovation that  make Emerson's pressure instrumentation as relevant today as it was in 1969. Read more.

6. Air Liquide goes digital to redefine operational excellence

In this new world, any need for operator intervention will be treated as an incident to be investigated,” said Air Liquide’s Marty Martin as he discussed the company’s use of advanced control and communications technology. Read more.

7. Why equal percentage valves act linear

Jon Monsen. P.E. uses a computerized analysis with a mathematical model of a system to quantify the phenomenon found in real-world piping systems. Read more.

8. Time to embrace new project execution paradigm

Instrumentation and controls specialists involved in project execution really had a tough time of it back in the day, as Timm Madden, recently retired I&C consultant for ExxonMobil, tells it. Although he’s telling stories of the 1970s, he’s also talking about standard industry best practices less than 10 years ago, when industry first began to roll out a range of new technologies that today are enabling a new era in the execution of automation projects. Read more.

9. Yokogawa wants to help transform your business

No longer content to merely provide rock-solid control systems and instrumentation to the process industries, Yokogawa has significantly built out the top end of its technology and services portfolio and is aiming to take on with its customers their highest level business challenges. “Digital transformation is bringing on a profound transformation of the organization,” Yokogawa’s Shigeyoshi Uehara. “We hope to be the partner you rely on, to help make you ready.” Read more.

10. Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemical Ltd. named FieldComm Group 2018 Plant of the Year

FieldComm Group announced that Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemical Limited (MRPL), located in Mangalore, India, has been named the FieldComm Group 2018 Plant of the Year. This is the first time ever that a process facility located in India has received this award, illustrating India's, and specifically MRPL's, growing strength in the world market. Read more.

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