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New website dedicated to benefits of FDI launched! – www.ask4fdi.com

July 24, 2018
www.ask4fdi.com provides access to in-depth information tailored to the interests of suppliers and end users
FieldComm Group has established a new, dedicated website for automation industry stakeholders seeking to learn more about the Field Device Integration (FDI) standard. Located at www.ask4fdi.com, the website provides access to in-depth information tailored to the interests of suppliers and end users.

FDI is an enabling technology that improves lifecycle cost and adds value through simplified device integration. Developed through a collaborative process of major industry foundations and suppliers, FDI brings standardization to the packaging and distribution of all the software and tools necessary to integrate a device with a host system.

FieldComm Group’s Director Marketing, Paul Sereiko, believes the new site will be a valuable asset to help visitors get acquainted with the basics of FDI and the advantages it offers to the process industries. “FDI is a key standard for industrial organizations seeking a common platform to integrate and configure field devices that work on different protocols from different manufacturers, and thus we believe it deserves a web portal of its own.”

Sereiko added, “End users will benefit from visiting the “Purchasing Requests” section where they can download sample documents that can be used to “ASK 4 FDI” in products offered by their instrumentation vendors. Suppliers will benefit from complete information about FDI Device Packages and other development resources. We will be adding new content regularly, so visitors should bookmark this site and check back often.”

The roots of FDI technology date back to the 1980s, when Device Descriptions (DDs) first became popular. As both device and system technology became increasingly complex, DDs and the tools used to create them evolved to incorporate more and more sophisticated features. The Windows-based FDT/DTM architecture diverged from text-based Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) designs.

Control system suppliers generally support one architecture or the other, whereas device vendors are forced to support multiple protocols. End users began demanding a single solution as procurement, configuration and maintenance costs escalated. So, in 2007, the FDI standardization project was launched to carefully shape convergence of the FDT/DTM and EDDL architectures.

In 2011, a non-profit organization, the FDI Cooperation LLC, was created to manage the standardization process for a converged device integration technology. In 2015, after being standardized as IEC 62769-1, the FDI Cooperation transferred ownership, management and enhancement of the FDI standard to FieldComm Group and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International.

For more information, please visit the new FDI website.

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