Control's 10 most-read articles from May 2018

June 1, 2018
From understanding PID to plants putting knowledge at their fingertips, these were the Top 10 most-read articles on during the month of May 2018.

1. Understanding P, I and D
It is important to understand what the proportional, integral and derivative terms do within the PID controller. That understanding is essential to choose appropriate action, troubleshoot controllers, choose appropriate modifications, or set up advanced controllers. Read more.

2. Can we resolve the climate debate? — Part 4
In this final column of a series, Béla Lipták reviews the energy storage technologies of both the past and the future, and outlines the process control and automation challenges of both. Read more.

3. The existing focus on control system cyber security is not appropriate
By far, most of the cyber threats to control systems are not malicious in nature. Consequently, these threats and resultant incidents are often ignored by the security community and not understood as being cyber-related by facility Operations. Read more.

4. SIS: How testing impacts reliability
Proof test coverage (PTC) of safety instrumented systems (SIS) has recently become an important topic of discussion. PTC can be defined as the fraction of dangerous, undetected failures that can be detected by a user proof test. In the past, it was commonly presumed in calculation and in practice that proof test coverage was 100%. However, not all proof tests are comprehensive. Read more.

5. Honeywell launches batch solution
Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) introduced a control technology solution, Experion Batch, which increases productivity for batch operations and speed-to-market of batch products. Read more.

6. You can be a cybersecurity badass - Part 1
Many process engineers and other system integrators are aware of the need for asset vulnerability assessments; thorough cybersecurity policies and procedures, implementing basic security measures, and training staff and contractors to maintain secure behaviors. Even better, they're also beginning to share their cybersecurity know-how with each other. Read more.

7. 2018 Readers' Choice Awards
We've now tabulated the Readers' Choice Awards 26 times, and we're starting to see it as an institution—more than a habit, at least a tradition, and we think, a trusted repository of valuable information for process automation professionals who want to know which companies offer the best technology, according to their peers. Read more.

8. HMIs on tablets, smart phones need to comply with intrinsic safety standards
Today's increasingly chip-based, Ethernet-aided and wireless systems mean users don't need to go into hazardous areas as often as in the past, but these devices must comply with the same intrinsic safety and other standards as earlier electronic handhelds. Read more.

9. OPA Forum expands open, interoperable standard for process control device interfaces - Part 1
The Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) and its effort to develop and implement an open, interoperable process control "standard-of-standards" specification has expanded. Read more.

10. Knowledge on demand - Part 1
We all know reach can exceed grasp, but at least in accessing and using process control information, many longtime hurdles are shrinking. Finally, knowledge-on-demand is closer at hand—physically, if not always mentally. Read more.

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