Microcyber’s NCS-TT106x Temperature Module Has Versatile Capabilities

Feb. 21, 2018
It supports multiple thermal resistances and thermocouples.
Microcyber's NCS-TT106x temperature module is a high-performance fieldbus temperature transmitter with an independent R&D communication controller. It supports multiple thermal resistances and thermocouples. With thermal resistance support for 2/3/4-wire connection mode, thermocouples can use cold end compensation functions.

Multiple protocol support:

  • NCS-TT106H: HART Protocol
  • NCS-TT106P: Profibus PA Protocol
  • NCS-TT106F: FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 Protocol 

High accuracy (for common thermal resistance and thermocouple):

  • ±0.09Ω for 0~500Ω
  • ±0.7Ω for 0~4000Ω
  • ±0.2℃ for PT100 (-200℃~850℃)
  • ±0.2℃ for PT1000 (-200℃~850℃)
  • 0.02mV for -100mV~+100mV
  • 0.4℃ for K-Thermocouple (-200℃~1372℃)
  • 0.9℃ for S-Thermocouple (0℃~1768℃)

Easy Integration:

  • Provides multiple electrical integration files, such as DD, EDD, CFF and GSD

For more information, please visit the Microcyber Corporation website.