Resource guide: Enterprise integration gets down to business

Oct. 9, 2017
Our latest slate of articles, videos, white papers and other resources comes from ISA, Corso Systems, OPC Foundation, and others.

Source of the standards

The landing webpage for the ISA95 series of standards on "enterprise-control system integration" includes a wealth of information about the standard, its purpose, how it was developed, links to document products, and contacts for all the standard committee officers. 

Visit the landing page.



Quicker jog to biz level

Jim Montague's online feature article in Control, "Pathways from operations to enterprises are getting shorter, simpler," shows how former hurdles from the plant floor to the business level are getting streamlined thanks to more capable components, software and networks, though the primary task remains convincing potential users. 

Read the feature.

Control /


MES Essentials video

This 46-minute video, "Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Essentials," is based on a webinar presented by Alex Marcy, president, Corso Systems, to help its customers and viewers improve their manufacturing operations. It covers calculating overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), converting OEE to lost production costs, real-time cost per unit, reporting, and how to grow an MES system beyond key performance indicators. 

View the video.

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Community of ISA-95 reports that it's the leading website for information, training and promotion of the ISA95 standard for control-enterprise integrtion. It adds that it's based on a free exchange of general, technical and commercial information about ISA95, and its mission is to create a platform for knowledge development, and create a knowledge community of everyone interested in ISA95, including suppliers, system integrators and end users. There's even a subsection with may free downloads about ISA95.

ISA-95 /


OPC and FDT webinar

FDT Group and OPC Foundation are hosting a joint webinar, "FDT & OPC UA empower a single approach to enterprise integration," on Sept. 14 that focuses on educating industrial automation end-users and manufacturers about efforts to empower one enterprise integration platform for secure and managed exchange of performance driven-analytics. It highlights the latest collaborative developments and the role the FDT for OPC UA information model companion specification plays in evolving digital architecture transformation for the new era of automation. 

View event details.

OPC Foundation /


MES at Sierra Nevada video

This five-minute case-study video, "Ignition becomes brewery's go-to for SCADA," details how Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. adopted Ignition software from Inductive Automation to build a robust MES that fits its unique processes in Chico, Calif. 

Check out the video.

Inductive Automation /


Integrate automation, MES

Paul Brandenburg's online feature article in InTech, "Keys to integrating automation, MES, and business systems," shows readers how to improve their chances of a successful MES implementation by understanding the scope and linkages between automation and business systems; focusing on interface boundaries between systems; and establishing robust communications and accountability process across multiple project teams. 

Read the feature.



Quality ops with MES video 

This 41-minute video, "Wonderware MES: Quality Operations Management for the Plant Floor," is based on a webinar presented by Chris Jackson, senior consultant, Wonderware U.K. and Ireland. The video shows how Wonderware MES Software/Quality complements enterprise quality management systems with sampling execution capabilities on automated process equipment, or for interchangeability with integrated quality and manufacturing operations. 

Watch the video.

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