Control's 10 most-read articles of May 2017

June 1, 2017
Our cover story on process safety, Joe Weiss' latest thoughts on cybersecurity, and insights into Walmart's recent sustainability initiative are among the most-read stories of May 2017 on

1. Process safety delayed

Some users and experts report process safety is largely paralyzed, but some progress and innovations keep plugging along. We explore further in Control's May cover story. Read more.

2. Invisibility of process control

The Industrial Internet of Things will not control processes without process control professionals. Read Greg and Stan's conversation with expert Sigifredo Nino in our latest installment of Control Talk. Read more.

3. Design for safety instrumented systems reliability

William L. Mostia, Jr. explores how best to engineer safety instrumented systems beyond the standards to meet real-world requirements. Read more.

4. Control cybersecurity reacts to ransomware

Joe Weiss shares his thoughts on the recent WannaCry ransomware denial-of-service attack, which prompted some end-users to shutdown their manufacturing systems. Read more.

5. Emerson completes acquisition of MYNAH Technologies

The addition of MYNAH aims to support Emerson Automation Solutions and its Operational Certainty program, which is designed to help industrial companies achieve top performance. Read more.

6. Intrinsic safety gives an inch

Although the change has been slow, a few worthy, proven technical innovations are making their way into IS solutions and settings. Read more. Read more.

7. Major San Francisco power outage caused by one breaker in one substation

At approximately 9 a.m. on April 21, 2017, one breaker failed in PG&E’s Larkin Street substation. This one breaker in one substation brought the city of San Francisco to its knees. Read Joe Weiss' analysis. Read more.

8. The Open Process Automation initiative presents predictable challenges in I/O systems

OPA is not a standards-developing body, which means they will either have to adopt existing standards or work with another standards-developing organization such as ISA, FM, or UL to create any required documents. Read more.

9. Walmart unveils new sustainability initiative 

Retailer's Project Gigaton initiative invites 'suppliers to join in a commitment to eliminate 1 gigaton of emissions from their operations and supply chains.' Read more.

10. 2017 State of Technology: Flow measurement

The latest flow measurement trends, technology and implementations are detailed in this new State of Technology ebook from the editors of Control. Read more. 

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