Live from HUG Americas

June 21, 2016

The editors of Control and Control Design are onsite to bring you the breaking news and insights from the Honeywell User Group Americas Symposium 2016.

Highlights from June 20 to June 22

Process automation for the Millennial generation

The process industries face a demographic workforce gulf in part of our own making. "And we have only two levers available to address it, said Vimal Kapur, president of Honeywell Process Solutions in this morning's Honeywell Users Group America keynote address this morning in San Antonio. Read more.

Operator training simulator opens minds at Enterprise

Starting up a new unit can be the thrill of a lifetime, even when everything goes according to plan. Investing in an operator training simulator can contribute mightily to that success, and just might pay for itself in a matter of days. Enterprise Products' Greg Rogers explains. Read more. 

Safety Manager simplifies shutdowns at Georgia Pacific Chemicals

Safety shutdowns in process control applications have always been more complex than turning off a switch, but they've become a lot easier at Georgia Pacific Chemicals' nine U.S. plants thanks to coordination between its Honeywell Experion PKS and Safety Manager systems. Read more. 


Meter maintenance a big hit on the small screen

"In the gas industry, we already do automated meter readings, and we can access information like totalizer values, alarms and warnings from gas stations and pipelines remotely," said Honeywell's Tim Vogel. Plus, there are sophisticated diagnostics available free of charge from device vendors. "What more do we need in the gas industry?" Read more. 

Experion PKS now embraces electrical controls, too

Honeywell Process Solutions now provides a fully integrated, common-platform architecture serving both process and electrical automation. "Experion PKS delivers seamless power and electrical management information directly to operations personnel through a common user interface," said Honeywell's Stu Sanderson. Read more.

Flexible analytics deliver process insight

Honeywell executives Bruce Calder and Andrew Hird explore how their company is leveraging the flexibility of the cloud and other Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies to deliver fast and flexible decision-making to the process industries. Read more. 

Evolving threats pose cyber security challenge

"Hackers don't ask permission before taking control, and cyber attacks are happening all the time worldwide, so we need to understand how they work to protect our customers' networks,” says Eric Knapp, Honeywell’s global director of cyber security solutions and technology, of the company’s new enhancements. Read more. 

Total refinery tames alarms with help from Honeywell

In the wake of a $3 billion capital improvement project in late 2014, the Port Arthur refinery (PAR) partnered with Honeywell to develop a new alarm management roadmap designed to mitigate potential floods of unnecessary alarms. Randy Conley, supervisor of DCS, SIS and APC implementation at PAR, discusses the endeavor. Read more.

Analytics opens new possibilities

Applications of the Industrial IoT (IIoT), plant data and the cloud “offer an opportunity for a simpler, more pragmatic approach,” said Mike Brown, global director, advanced solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions. Read more.

Not your fathers’ DCS migration

Nat Muthaiah, senior process control engineer and project manager, Chevron, explains how Chevron Oronite is managing the lifecycle of one of its most critical assets: the process control system. Read more. 

What next? The evolution continues

Honeywell President Vimal Kapur explains how the group is harnessing the latest waves of technology innovation on behalf of its customer base while continuing to preserve a path forward for users of even decades-old process automation equipment and systems. Read more. 

A forced march from Dow Chemical’s MODV DCS to Experion PKS

After acquiring its polypropylene unit in Schkopau, Germany, Braskem Europe had to return Dow’s proprietary DCS hardware. The project began in 2013, and I/O cutover, loop checks and startup occurred in August and September 2015. The second migration to PKS R431 is presently underway at Braskem's other polypropylene plant in Oyster Creek, Texas, and is scheduled for completion in 2017. Read more. 

ControlEdge PLC eases integration with DCS and IIoT

ControlEdge is a flagship addition to Honeywell's next-generation, intelligent controllers leveraging IIoT capabilities. It's designed for and focused on process industries requiring discrete control for specific PLC applications, such as water/wastewater treatment, balance of plant modular equipment, terminal automation and coal/ash handling. Read more. 

LEAP philosophy leading to Industrial Cyber Evolution

Jack Gregg, director of Experion product marketing for Honeywell Process Solutions, explores how LEAP’s enabling technologies can increase capabilities exponentially – engineer anywhere in the world, take 25% out of the schedule with lower risk, and reduce main automation contractor capital expenditure by 30%. Read more. 

RTO pulls profit from polyethylene

Julia Wang, APC engineer, SECCO, explores how real-time optimization with Profit Optimizer increases throughput and reduces energy consumption with better furnace control. “Performance has been improved constantly by updating, upgrading and revamping over the past 10 years,” says Wang. Read more.