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Automation Fair 2014 - Live Coverage

Nov. 17, 2014
Here are all event details from Rockwell Automation Automation Fair 2014

Headlines from November 21, 2014

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-dan-aubertin.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-dan-aubertin.jpg[/embed]Global OEM Forum: User-Centric Design Improves Operator Efficiency

The Connected Enterprise today is pretty much where the smartphone was 10 years ago, according to Dan Aubertin, senior product manager, Pearson Packaging Systems. "What did it take to get to this point where we take them for granted?" he asked attendees of the Global Machine & Equipment Builders Forum this week at Automation Fair. "The infrastructure, the networks, had to be there. The standards that we're operating under today were designed and written in the 1990s. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-john-pritchard.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-john-pritchard.jpg[/embed]How to Implement The Connected Enterprise

The Integrated Architecture booth at Automation Fair this week in Anaheim, California, showcased products that support the Rockwell Automation vision of The Connected Enterprise. According to John Pritchard, global development manager, integrated architecture, The Connected Enterprise integrates operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) across the business to boost the productivity and profitability of both discrete and process plants, all while mitigating risk. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-mike-lane.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-mike-lane.jpg[/embed]Mining, Minerals & Cement Forum: A Rich Vein of Automation Innovation

In the mining industry, dramatic drills and diggers get much of the credit. But it's the unassuming lifters, conveyors, crushers, concentrators, furnaces and smelters that do most of the work. To give these essential material handling and processing applications some much-needed support, three mines in Australia and South Africa recently implemented several different process control and safety upgrades. The three presented details of their projects at the Mining, Minerals & Cement Forum this week at Automation Fair in Anaheim, California. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-mike-wagner.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-mike-wagner.jpg[/embed]Smart Machines Answer End Users' Call for Production Quality

The desires of end users for Smart Manufacturing are driving The Connected Enterprise, according to Mike Wagner, director of the packaging segment for the Rockwell Automation global OEM team. Rockwell Automation, in turn, is helping OEMs to design Smart Machines that are connected, compliant and competitive. "It's how we speak to the OEM," explained Wagner. "Smart Manufacturing represents the convergence of information aggregation and control aggregation. The Smart Machine goes all the way down to the device level." Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-kerry-white.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-kerry-white.jpg[/embed]End-User Safety Forum: Top Manufacturers Find that Safety Pays for Itself

Traditional industry thought holds that to implement safety measures necessitates sacrificing productivity. But for experts that spoke this week at the Safety Industry Forum for end-user attendees of Automation Fair in Anaheim, California, this belief is incorrect. "In actuality, our studies show a very strong correlation between safety and manufacturing excellence," said Mark Eitzman, market development manager, safety, Rockwell Automation. "The majority of manufacturing enterprises still do not have a culture of safety, and unfortunately statistics bear this out. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-safety-award.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-safety-award.jpg[/embed]Bevcorp, Corning Environmental Technologies Recognized as Safety Leaders

Corning Environmental Technologies and Bevcorp claimed top honors in the Rockwell Automation Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards for 2014. The annual awards commemorate the world’s safest manufacturing companies, specifically those that realize the widespread benefits of a holistic approach to safety. Representatives of the two companies were recognized in an awards ceremony at the End-User Safety Forum this week at Automation Fair in Anaheim, California. Read more »

Headlines from November 20, 2014

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-ryan-calahane.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-ryan-calahane.jpg[/embed]Empower Employees with User-Configured Mobile Information

"Users of the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx process automation system, Vantage Point HMI and ProductionCentre MES packages are now benefiting from mobile technology that allows them to create, modify, personalize and access their own displays of business and process information, in the office, at the machine, at home or on virtually any mobile device." In the industrial software world "What has been primarily a machine and product focus is becoming systems thinking," said Ryan Cahalane. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-eric-hendrickson.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-eric-hendrickson.jpg[/embed]Safety Forum for OEMs: A Frank Assessment of Machine Safety

Meet Frank, a 30-year-old husband and father who worked at a beverage distributor. He woke up at 11:30 a.m. and joined his extended family for lunch at 1:00. Later in the afternoon, he played with his children, who begged him to stay home from work, so he could spend the evening with them playing games. Frank explained to his children that his job was what allowed them to have the nice life they led. In the evening, he punched in for his shift right on time, as usual. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-steve-ludwig.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-steve-ludwig.jpg[/embed]Simpler Safety = Successful Safety

Rockwell Automation is simplifying its safety solutions, components, safety design software and documentation so users can adopt them and achieve their safety benefits more easily. If safety is easier to understand and apply, then it's more likely it will get used and successfully applied to protect people, assets and productivity. This was the plain truth and effective logic behind the product launches and upgrades presented in the Safety Solutions exhibit at Automation Fair 2014 this week at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-david-musto.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-david-musto.jpg[/embed]EPC Forum: Contractors Meet Challenges with Integrated Systems

As much of the globe comes out of recession, capital is being expended, and project sizes are rising. It's a good time for engineering, procurement and construction firms (EPCs), but it's not the good old days. "We see a lot of changes and trends in EPC," said Scott Hamilton, director, industry business, Rockwell Automation, to attendees of today's Engineering and Consultants Forum at Automation Fair in Anaheim, California. "Owners are sticking to their core expertise due to a lack of top talent and the need to get work done in remote locations. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-randal-kenworthy.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-randal-kenworthy.jpg[/embed]Food & Beverage Forum: How to Stay Safe and Secure

If you want to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs. If you want to make and distribute a few million aseptically packaged, microwaveable, shrink-wrapped omelets, then you've got a few more steps in your recipe. The bad news is that food processing machines, production lines and distribution avenues are getting increasingly complex and heavily networked at the same time that food safety regulations, requirements and concerns are growing more stringent and difficult to enforce across international boundaries and geographical regions. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-anne-vondrak.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-anne-vondrak.jpg[/embed]PartnerNetwork Delivering for Rockwell Automation Customers

From CEO Keith Nosbusch on down, Anne Vondrak and the rest of the folks at Rockwell Automation realize they can't go it alone, and that the company's customers can end up suffering when they try. So they have a long history of working closely with suppliers and service providers to better satisfy the needs of mutual customers. "Our collaborative approach is based on an understanding that no single supplier can do it all and a belief in the importance of working with best-in-class companies to bring innovation, global reach and local responsiveness," Nosbusch says. Read more »

Headlines from November 19, 2014

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-kish-herbert.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-kish-herbert.jpg[/embed]Oil & Gas Forum: Users Organize Big Data, Optimize Operations

If you want to capture the output from a bunch of fire hoses, you're going to need a really big bucket. And if all that water is actually operational data from multiple oil and gas wells, offshore platforms and other process applications, you'll need an automatic, super-fast way to organize all that information and retrieve salient details for better, more profitable
decision-making. Doing these data gathering and analysis jobs by hand is not an option. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-jim-hagstrom.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-jim-hagstrom.jpg[/embed]Water Wastewater Forum: Automation Poised to Address Scarcity Issues

Globally, water treatment facilities face daunting problems such as water scarcity and aging infrastructure. Among the most intractable is the unequal distribution of fresh water around the globe, said Jim Hagstrom, executive vice president of San Francisco-based Carollo Engineers, in his context-setting presentation to attendees of the Water Wastewater Industry Forum held today at Automation Fair in Anaheim, California. "In fact, only 10 countries have access to about 60% of the world's total fresh water supply," Hagstrom said. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-matt-littlefield.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-matt-littlefield.jpg[/embed]Power & Energy Management Forum: Trim Your Power Bill by 10% or More

Global energy consumption is projected to increase 50% by 2035. "How will we do this?" asked Mary Burgoon, market development manager, Rockwell Automation, and moderator of today's Power and Energy Management Forum at Automation Fair in Anaheim, California. We need to make more with less, to optimize our manufacturing facilities' energy performance all over the world, with optimized machines and secure supplies of energy, she said. "Global energy and manufacturing industries are incredibly dynamic and poised for tremendous transformation over the coming years," said Matthew Littlefield. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-weber.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-weber.jpg[/embed]Five Steps to Process Wisdom

Manufacturers have been collecting data from single assets for quite some time, but now the ability to aggregate and analyze that data gives enterprises the opportunity to make predictive decisions and optimize processes. A variety of new hardware and software on display at the Rockwell Automation Solutions & Services booth this week at Automation Fair 2014, bring that opportunity into the realm of possibility. According to Doug Weber, business manager, remote monitoring services, Rockwell Automation, turning data into wisdom involves five steps: Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-mpc-swirl.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-mpc-swirl.jpg[/embed]Model-Predictive Control Without the Lab Coats

As the advanced control and optimization arm of Rockwell Automation, Pavilion is a combination of people, products and a process. "We have talented chemical engineers, process guys and a powerful model–predictive controller (MPC) with an established presence and reputation in the traditional process industry applications like chemical plants and refineries," said Jim Miller, Pavilion business director, Process Business, Rockwell Automation. The company's MPC capabilities are on display this week at Automation Fair in Anaheim, California. Read more »

Headlines from November 18, 2014

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-keith-nosbusch.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-keith-nosbusch.jpg[/embed]Operationalizing The Connected Enterprise

Keith Nosbusch is bullish on the potential for connectivity to transform industry. For the first time in his decade-long tenure as chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation, he believes the automation giant's Connected Enterprise vision can be a game-changer, transforming the industrial landscape. "These are exciting times," said Nosbusch, who set the stage for the company's Automation Fair event this week in Anaheim, California, in his keynote address to assembled media. "The value at stake is enormous." Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-jason-wright.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-jason-wright.jpg[/embed]User Input Drives Rockwell Automation Process Roadmap

The flagship PlantPAx process automation system of Rockwell Automation is more than a distributed control system (DCS). With its myriad capabilities and access to the full portfolio of the company's power, safety, networking and programmable logic controller (PLC) products, it's part of an ever–evolving set of tools for connecting and controlling the enterprise. The session, "PlantPAx and the Process Solutions Roadmap," at the Rockwell Automation Process Solutions User Group (PSUG) conference this week in Anaheim, California, highlighted recent additions and improvements, as well as plans for further enhancements in 2015. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-oem-panel.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-oem-panel.jpg[/embed]Connected Enterprises Mean Opportunity, Responsibility for OEMs

The Connected Enterprise dramatically increases the amount of data available for analysis. It enables a variety of opportunities for improving business models and performance for OEMs, from reduced downtime and optimized capacity to improved machine design and monitoring capabilities. "Downtime cannot be reduced to zero, but it is the direction we're heading," said Bruno Alberti, innovation and technical director at CT Pack in Ferrara, Italy, who participated in an Automation Perspectives panel discussion today in the run-up to Automation Fair in Anaheim, California. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-marty-thomas.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-marty-thomas.jpg[/embed]Walking the Talk of The Connected Enterprise

Rockwell Automation provides controls and technology to many of the world's manufacturers. But it's easy to forget that
Rockwell Automation is a global manufacturer in its own right and shares many of the same challenges that its global customers face. Martin Thomas, senior vice president, operations and engineering services (OES), at Rockwell Automation, explained the progress and success of his company's own Connected Enterprise journey during his Automation Perspectives keynote address. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-benefits-panel.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-benefits-panel.jpg[/embed]Integrating IT and OT Proves a Manufacturing Game-Changer

The goal of creating what Rockwell Automation calls The Connected Enterprise is to improve the productivity and profitability of both discrete and process plants. And for a panel of experts that spoke today during the Automation Perspectives media event at Automation Fair, this endeavor is enabled by what one speaker called "the perfect storm of technology innovation, an example of which is the Internet of Things." Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-garry-rossi.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-garry-rossi.jpg[/embed]Model-Predictive Control Smoothes Water Distribution

Cold winters and pressure spikes add up to popped pipes in municipal water distribution systems everywhere. But, while chronic water main breaks are an unavoidable, occupational hazard for most cities and towns, engineers and operators in Windsor, Ontario, have found a way to drastically reduce these costly and time-consuming incidents by using the soon-to-be-released PlantPAx Embedded MPC (model-predictive control) technology from Rockwell Automation. Read more »

Headlines from November 17, 2014

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-john-genovesi.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-john-genovesi.jpg[/embed]Rethink Your Expectations of a DCS

"Connectivity is a hidden value amplifier," said John Genovesi, vice president and general manager, Information Software and Process Business, Rockwell Automation, to the more than 760 process automation specialists gathered in Anaheim, California, today for the kick-off of the company's Process Systems User Group (PSUG) conference. "By leveraging modern technology, we bring people closer to the process and drive productivity by unlocking the potential of real-time decisions." Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-fernando-hernandez.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-fernando-hernandez.jpg[/embed]Holcim Mexico Paves Way for Global Cement Maker

With 80,000 employees and operations in 70 countries around the world, Holcim has an understandable need for standards. The Switzerland-based company is a global leader in the production of cement, aggregates, concrete and asphalt, and its internal standards apply to how its many production facilities are automated, even how often those controls should be evaluated for upgrade. Several years ago, the 1980s-era controls at its Macuspana cement plant in Tabasco, Mexico, were deemed to have reached the end of their useful life. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-claudio-dejesus.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-claudio-dejesus.jpg[/embed]Ypé Uses PlantPAx, MES to Clean Up Production

Close, simple and efficient integration of plant-floor controls and enterprise-level systems is much desired by many manufacturers, but too often it remains just a dream due to integration complexities and other obstacles. Well, engineers and innovators at Ypé Quimica Amparo in Sao Paulo, Brazil, report they're living that dream at their new factory in Anapolis. The facility took just 12 months to build, is located about 600 miles north of its headquarters and produces liquid detergents and fabric softeners. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-gomez-oros.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-gomez-oros.jpg[/embed]Compressor Control Comes Out of the Black Box

Does your bucket list include implementing fully redundant integrated turbomachinery control on a two-stage coker wet gas compressor in a refinery? In six weeks? In Mexico? That's the task described by Paul Fisher, president, Energy Control Technologies (ECT) and Cecilio Gomez, president, Oros Electromechanical (Oros) at the Rockwell Automation Process Solution User Group (PSUG) conference, in Anaheim, California. Read more »

[embed width=100 height=120 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-thomas-frey.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_af14/images/AF14-thomas-frey.jpg[/embed]Opportunity, Upheaval Ahead in Technology-Driven Future

This may hurt a little, or a lot, but it will get better. No kidding. Thomas Frey, executive director and senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute estimates that billions of jobs will disappear in the next 15 years due to the Internet of Things (IoT) and many associated technological advances, but these extreme and accelerating changes will also create many new industries and countless new jobs to replace those they've eliminated. Read more »

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