Reader Feedback: Discussing Plant Safety with the Wrong Audience?

Aug. 18, 2014
It's Hard to Believe That After 30 Years of Successful Experience Using Digital Technology in Safety Systems Within the HPI and Fossil Power Industry, There Is Only One Nuclear Power Plant in the U.S. Employing Digital Safety Systems

I found the June 2014 article summarizing Bela Lipták's presentation on "Fukushima Failures and the Next Generation of Nuclear Power Plants" ["Lipták Talks Nuke Plant Safety at Harrah's"] interesting.

I suspect, however, most of the audience were from the hydrocarbon processing industries (HPI) and, therefore, could not identify and benefit from his insights. I look forward to his next  book, The Next Fukushima: Automation Can Prevent It!

May I suggest he make the same presentation, and give a copy of the book to members of the Subcommittee on Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems of the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards and to Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff members involved with legacy and new nuclear power plants instrumentation and control? These bodies deliberate, endorse and promulgate obligatory rules, standards and guidelines in the Code of Federal Regulations.

It's hard to believe that after 30 years of successful experience using digital technology in safety systems within the HPI and fossil power industry, there is only one nuclear power plant in the U.S. employing digital safety systems. I am sure the regulators and industry would find Mr. Lipták's knowledge, experience and foresight beneficial.

J. Troy Martel
Safe Operating Systems, Inc.
[email protected]