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July 9, 2013
We're in the Process of Curating the Best Content on the Web for You
About the Author
Walt Boyes has more than 30 years of experience in sales, sales management, marketing, and product development in the automation industry both for sensors, devices and control systems for industrial and environmental controls, including Executive Committee and Board experience in several companies. Walt currently is serving as Editor-in-Chief of CONTROL and

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I've written about our content before. We've been adding content to since 2004, as often as we can. We've put up over 1200 white papers, numerous vendor application notes, podcasts, videos, even several ebooks we produced specially for

Every month, we publish articles that you will never get anywhere else. We call them Web Exclusives. We think so highly of these articles that we solicit them, and when we have a space in the magazine, we re-publish some of them in the print book.

We now have five highly read blogs:"Soundoff!," my long running opinion blog; "Unfettered," Joe Weiss' blog on cybersecurity; "Manufacturing 2020" by Dan Miklovic, longtime Gartner vice president; "ControlTalk Blog" by Greg McMillan; and "The Great Kanduski" by industrial networking guru Ian Verhappen.

White Papers

The FDT2 Specification
The new specification offers enhanced performance and security.

Essentials of Flow Measurement
A guide to developing specifications and application requirements.

Finding and Closing Safety Integrity Gaps
How to establish a functional safety program for your facility.

On the Web

What About Corporate Responsibility?
What do corporations owe stockholders, stakeholders and the community?

The Effect of Valve and VSD Dynamics onLoop Performance
Greg McMillan's perspective, overview, and recommendations.

We also feature the live feed from the Abnormal Situation Management Consortium. This is a listing of incidents that the ASM Consortium is following to determine what caused them, and how to avoid them in the future.

We also have whole sections on OPC and FDT/DTM, so you can learn how to use these connectivity tools.

Now we're in the process of curating the best content on the web for you—our content, old content from our site you might want another look at, or the best of content from other sites we monitor.

We use Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and many other sources as origination points for these curated stories. If you have seen a story, send its URL to us, and we may add it to the Big Content Mountain.

You can comment on our blogs and our articles directly or on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We'd love to hear from you.

We're also moving to an entirely new content management system. That's the back end of the site—the part that makes it work. We should be on the new system by the end of the summer, and the site will be faster and we'll be able to do more things. One of the things we expect is that it will be easier for you to comment on articles, blog posts and give us feedback.

Here's some of the Big Content Mountain you may have missed:

Enjoy, and talk to us!