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Jan. 10, 2011
You Have Decided What Our Web Trends Are. Check Them Out
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Katherine Bonfante is senior digital editor for Control and ControlDesign. You can email her at [email protected] or check out her Google+ profile.Web trends are topics that become popular suddenly. Their popularity is determined based on your web searches. Here at, your recent online searches have made Stuxnet, SCADA and PLC viruses, among others, recent trends.

Hot topic number one is Stuxnet. Visit, do a search and find different articles and white papers on this subject. The "Anti-Stuxnet and Other Cyber Nasties—Tools" by Industrial Automation Insider's Nick Denbow says that Stuxnet is considered a sophisticated cyber-war weapon, and he reviews part of a webinar hosted this last August by Walt Sikora, vice president of security solutions at Industrial Defender Inc. Visit to read the entire article and learn more.

White Papers

Coriolis for the Masses
A three-part report on the essentials of mass flow measurement.

Flowmeter Selection for Gas Flow
Comparison of differential pressure and thermal dispersion technologies.

How to Secure Your Control System
Learn how.

"Using Tofino to Control the Spread of Stuxnet Malware" is an application note that describes how to use the Tofino Industrial Security Solution to prevent the spread of the Stuxnet worm in both Siemens and non-Siemens network environments. Visit to read this application note.

Stop by our Control/ARC Process Automation Podcast Series page ( and listen to our podcast "The Straight Scoop on Stuxnet." This podcast features managing editor Nancy Bartels and ARC's Bob Mick. They sort out the hype, hysteria and hoopla surrounding Stuxnet, and get to the nitty gritty of what this computer worm, aimed directly at control systems, means for your cybersecurity plans. Listen to it at

SCADA is another hot topic on our site. One of the most read articles on this subject is "The Can of Worms is Open—Now What?" written by John Cusimano and Eric Byres. This article talks about SCADA and Stuxnet. Cusimano and Byres say that designing a good cyber defense for your SCADA or process control system is no longer an option. Log on to and find out why.

On the Web

What End Users Think About Wireless
Review the data collected from surveys about end-user attitudes toward wireless systems.

Safety Issues Portal
Check out the ASM Consortium's newsfeed of process safety-related incidents.

Overview of the UniSim Design Suite
This webinar covers process simulation and its use in process operations.

If you are interested in learning more about SCADA, check executive editor Jim Montague's article "SCADA Software Keeps Eye on Big Picture." In this article, Montague touches on how useful SCADA can be and how this type of software's benefits never grow old. Read this article at