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ABB Automation & Power World 2011

April 21, 2011
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Headlines from April 19, 2011

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day1/hogan.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day1/hogan.jpg[/embed]Passion Powers ABB to Serve World Needs

Sometimes traditional values and talents from the past are just what you need to survive and prosper in the future. "ABB has a great legacy of accepting new challenges and programs, and it likes attacking projects that are difficult to do to set the pace in industry," said Joe Hogan, ABB Group president and CEO. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day1/roxey.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day1/roxey.jpg[/embed]The Cyber Security Standards Landscape

Infrastructure stakeholders have a critical need to make sense of, comply with and, more importantly, make beneficial use of today’s current and evolving cyber security standards. Differences in scope, goals, applicability, level of detail and an environment of constant change make this a challenge. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day1/terwiesch.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day1/terwiesch.jpg[/embed]Convergence Is Coming!

"The convergence of automation and power creates more value than each separately," began Peter Terwiesch, ABB chief technology officer, at the ABB Automation and Power World press briefing this week in Orlando. "For industry, we create energy efficiency and productivity; for utilities, we make a stronger and smarter grid." » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day1/livelli.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day1/livelli.jpg[/embed]ABB Exploring Measurement Frontiers

What’s new in measurement products at ABB? That’s a very inefficient question because it results in such a long and detailed answer. In fact, almost all of its measurement solutions seem to be new or in the process of being updated. Better to ask, "What’s not new in ABB measurement products?" Of course, the short answer is "Not much." » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day1/nema.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day1/nema.jpg[/embed]Manufacturing Leads U.S. Economic Expansion

When Don Leavens, vice president and chief economist at the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), set the title for this year’s economic discussion at ABB Automation and Power World in Orlando, the U.S. economy was in recovery mode. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day1/angus.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day1/angus.jpg[/embed]New York Consortium Explores Smart Grid

If Thomas Edison could take a look at our nation’s electrical grid today, there’s very little that he wouldn’t already be familiar with. But the out–dated grid is running up against considerable limitations and is often over–taxed. It is for these and other reasons that researchers are working to develop a "smart grid." » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day2/townhall.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day2/townhall.jpg[/embed]On Climate Change, DC Power and New Life for Symphony

Answering questions on a variety of subjects relating to ABB’s current focus and view of the future, Joe Hogan, CEO of the ABB Group, spent an hour in a "Town Hall" setting with an audience of users, analysts and interested parties at a Tuesday afternoon ABB Automation and Power World session this week in Orlando. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day2/future.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day2/future.jpg[/embed]New Technologies Could Make Operators More Effective

Just as today’s younger generation of control operators are typically more comfortable with computers and video games than their more seasoned counterparts, the kids today who will grow up to be the operators of tomorrow are more attuned with interfaces of iPhones/iPads and whatever the next iteration will be. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day2/vermeer.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day2/vermeer.jpg[/embed]Finally, Energy Efficiency's Day in the Sun

Improving energy efficiency has been on and off manufacturers’ collective radar for decades. Opportunities abound, but it seems as if it’s always just beyond the horizon as a significant attainment. Leaders discuss existing and future opportunities in energy efficiency and highlight some of the barriers that make this so hard to get done. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day2/hartman.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day2/hartman.jpg[/embed]Containerboard Maker and ABB Partnership Surpasses Expectations

When is a new equipment installation more than just implementing new devices? When it delivers benefits way beyond and outside the areas you originally planned. When is a technical partnership more than just working together? When your outside service engineer basically becomes part of your staff and a valued friend. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day2/goble.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day2/goble.jpg[/embed]Panel Debates Virtues of Integrated, Interfaced Safety Systems

In a session at this week’s ABB Automation and Power World in Orlando, Luis Duran, ABB’s development manager for safety instrumented systems for the Americas, led a panel of experts in trying to answer the perennial question, "What is the truth about the separation of safety and process automation?" » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day2/read.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day2/read.jpg[/embed]Electric Car Infrastructure Charges Ahead

Electric vehicles (EVs) are really coming this time. They’re just going to need some place to plug in. Luckily, San Francisco–based ECOtality and ABB are linking up to develop and build the infrastructure and distribution system needed to routinely charge the millions of EVs from dozens of carmakers expected to be zipping along U.S. streets and highways soon. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day3/murray.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day3/murray.jpg[/embed]Basic Preventive Maintenance Could Save Millions in Failures

Plant managers are saving pennies on the dollar to cut back on fundamental cleaning steps and other basic preventive maintenance, meanwhile missing out on perhaps millions of dollars that could be saved through reduced failure rates. Managers all too often still make the decision not to implement the basics. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day3/boerrnert.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day3/boerrnert.jpg[/embed]ABB Takes Aim at Waste Heat Recovery

"Electricity is getting expensive," said Thomas Boerrnert, head of heat recovery for ABB Switzerland. "Especially for the cement industry, reducing energy and carbon dioxide footprint is very important. And waste heat is just blowing out the chimney." Boerrnert showed how much lost waste heat can mean to a cement plant. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day3/schiefloe.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day3/schiefloe.jpg[/embed]Better Operating Through Simulation

The point of using simulation in operator training is simple. It reduces operator error. "If they are well trained, they make fewer mistakes," said Torgrim Schiefloe, area manager for ABB AS in Norway. Schiefloe presented "Building Operator Confidence and Competence Through Training Simulation" this week at ABB Automation and Power World in Orlando. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day3/furry.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day3/furry.jpg[/embed]Ventyx, ABB Putting Smarts in Smart Grid

"By 2020, there are supposed to be abuot 40 million electric vehicles on the road worldwide, but we don’t have the infrastructure to charge them yet," said Bob Furry, general manager and vice president for EPM commercial operations at Ventyx, as he began to enumerate the many challenges the worldwide electrical infrastructure will face in the coming years. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day3/efficiency.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day3/efficiency.jpg[/embed]Energy Audits Hunt and Gather Serious Savings

You can’t pick that famous low–hanging fruit if you can’t find the tree. So, to help users find some tasty savings in their often complex and sometimes forest–like applications and facilities, ABB Power Generation North America offers some very thorough energy assessments and audits. Recently, ABB helped a 400 MW, coal–fired power plant identify 47 different opportunities saving them millions of dollars per year. » Read more

[embed width=210 height=180 class=left thumbnail=http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day3/safety.jpg?r]http://www.putman.net/newsletter/cge_abb11/11/Day3/safety.jpg[/embed]Make Your Company Defendable Against Safety Failings

Often, when people think of the cost of work–related injuries, they think of the fines imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). That may indeed be a sizable chunk of money, but it doesn’t compare to the other costs and collateral damage caused by slips in safety. » Read more

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